Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barerose Tokyo first of the 4Y anniversary outfits released

The fashion shows went over really well yesterday :)We debuted 12 new outfits and today we are releasing 5 of them , and stay tuned for 5 more later tonight.

The name for this outfit comes from an Indian goddess who is riding on a peacock.
This beautiful gown is made from shimmering blue and sheer silk and lace adorned with beading and delicate peacock feathers.
Includes special necklace and hat!

June used some complex sculpted textures, more then she regulary does, and it made it to look like 2 layerd kimonos.
Everything is included in this set from the hair to the shoes.
(Demo) avaialable so please try first to see the fit on your avatar)

This outfit combines pirate styling with Japanese cyber anime looks.
Features sculpted prim coat with lots of details, form fitted leather cat suits, and pirates hat.
Includes 2 colors.
Wanted poster included for your house and you can put your own photo there.

This is the mens edition of Chrono Pirates.
The Mens edition has full black version to be more darker looking,as well as white edition with black highlights.
This set also includes the detailed long coat, shoes, and cowboy
hat as well as the wanted poster for your home that you can put your own photo in !

June made another Indian themed avatar called "the World"
Its a Giant turtle carrying the world on its back

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo