Monday, March 31, 2008

Ashia Designs Presents "Destiny"

Woot!! Destiny is done and ready for sale. 3 tones, Cairo, Nairobi and Shambi. 8 makeups that I wanted to keep clean and elegant but still smexy. Destiny is based on my Timeless templates but with shadings and body bits in keeping with the darker skintones, for what I hope is a very natural skin. There will be more makeups down the track as I had so much fun doing these! Makeup shots and tones below,click on them for full size shots. Available only at the mainstore.
Ashia Designs Main Store
Love Ash xx

New @ *AnnaH*

New release of *AnnaH*

Emma is a casual outfit, with system skirt, flexi skirt and shorts. It has sculpted cuffs for the shorts, belt to use with the shorts, with the flexi skirt or to mix & match with other outfits, and a casual but funny t-shirt! The system skirt has both version - with and without belt. I created this outfit for me, to use it with the ETD Strengh Hair (for RFL) and the Persephone boots from Jaywalk (for RFL). The pink matches perfectly!!

Available in Sedna. Also available on shop.onrez and


What's New @ Sc Design

Sc Design presents LoLa, a sexy catsuit set in four colors.
Available as a Sexy Pack inluding all 4 colors or each color seperatly.
Each set comes wit a Catsuit, pants, shorts, shirt and top.
Sc LoLa is mod/copy.
A Demo is available at our Mainstore.

Visit our Mainstore

Sc LoLa is also available on SLX and Onrez

Your Sc Design Team

Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Chun- Lu Shui" & Special Tang @ Alienbear's Designs

春。露水 is a Chinese text means Spring - Dewdrop, it pronounce as "Chun- Lu Shui" in Mandarin.

Available at BijouxOr Design main store.
or Donate L$500+ to the Relay for life Koisk at Here & will have this as thank you gifts.


Love this special version of Tang Empress set? Join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", Wear your group tag & then go to Member Discount Shop. Pay L$1 & you will get this set. If you feel happy with this set? Please feel free to give some donations to Relay for life koisk beside the poster at Member Discount Shop. Thank you.

[to join, you can search group in sl OR go to click the join group board at here & it will automatically open the group for you to join ]

Siren Sundress

This new release is courtesy of a 1950's pattern that I found online. I loved the pattern so much that I decided to create it in-world.

The dress not only comes with 3 layers of the top and 2 layers of the glitch pants but each design has 3 different cropped sweaters to choose from (each one on 3 layers) plus my sister (FoxyLynn Talon) has come up with a "Dress Correct" script that is included with the dress prim.

I have priced it at $L 350 because of all of the stuff you get. I will be making a fatpack and that will be available tomorrow.

Visit in-world: Secondwave Apparel
SL Exchange: SecondWave Apparel - Sioxie Legend
OnRez: Sioxie Legend

What's New @ Kouse's Sanctum

Anne - Gown - Ruby - Ad

The Anne gowns are up in the main store for 300L, they are available in 7 shades for the adults and currently 6 shades for the Petite. All include top, glitchpants, flex sleeves, ball gown and Empire skirts.

Lacrymosa, pictured below, is in 5 shades, 375L. These are 8 piece sets that include long sleeved and elbow length tops, glitchpants, flex sleeves, and 3 skirts (regular, ball gown, and Empire).

Lacrymosa - Forest - Ad

Lacrymosa - Midnight - Ad

~*~ Retirement of Gwyneth ~*~

One of the first gowns I made, it's time for her to retire, and so all 6 shades are on sale at the Main store for 25L. April 9th they will be removed so get them while you can. You can find them on the second floor.

Note: Sale price is only in effect at the Main Store.

Main Store:

WHAT'S NEW @ -AnaLu- *fresh poses*

-AnaLu- *fresh poses* (183-194)

-AnaLu- *fresh poses* (195-206)

The poses are being sold at all my in-world locations! Go and grab them!!
In every location, you can find a Subscribe-o-Matic or, if you prefer, you can search the groups for .:[AnaLu]:.

The poses are being sold at the usual places:
.:[AnaLu]:. @ Cotton Candy | .:[AnaLu]:. @ [MG fashion] factory | .:[AnaLu]:. @ Stellar Isle | .:[AnaLu]:. @ *fuse
.:[AnaLu]:. @ OnRez

-AnaLu- *fresh poses*

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Whats new @ S.Y.D.-Sy Designs

New releases for the La Luna series:

And La Dolce Vita sets available in 4 colors (pictured in roze):

Quick TP to S.Y.D. Sy Designs mainstore :)

::Seaside:: @ Stellar Designs

I've made 6 additional styles of the original "Fashion for Fido" set as promised.
All of these "Seaside" sets have a beautiful summery pattern and are tropical themed... Sandals, Paradise, Island, Hibiscus, Cabana & Aloha.
They're on the new items shelves to the left of the entrance in the womens store.
click the images to enlarge

What's New @ [Renegade]

Okay yeah this is kinda borked...

I got a couple new thermals available and it's like what? Springtime, you say? There's a whole other damn hemisphere that's about to start getting cooler. This is for you aussies and uh...chileans? Whatever check this out, one's an audience of the dead and the other's emo trekkie.

Get toasty at [Renegade]

What's new @ [ANIMAH]

New photoshooting poses for the boys!

You'll find this pack in ANIMAH, Onrez and SLX. To try them on or to buy them solo, go to ANIMAH.
(Credits for what Murilo is wearing in the ads in PERSONA's blog)


NEW today at NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE! Just in time for that hawt weekend you have planned. Surrender yourself in Drow style. Surrender comes in 4 different versatile sets for you to choose, taking you from day into the hot steamy night. Sexy dresses, erotic lingerie. What more could a Drow ask for!

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Precious Collection at Nicky Ree

I had many IM messages asking when "Precious" would be released. So here it is ladies ;). Precious is now available in 12 colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

Sorry for the delay in the release, but I have been busy lately with lots of DMCA filings.

For this collection I was aiming to illustrate the texture of raw silk for the fabric. Precious is 100% original illustration done by me in photoshop.

For my update group members, Precious Svelte Gown and Dress in Green will be sold at a special price till 1st April. So group members remember to wear your group tag! For those who want to join the update group, just click or touch the join update group poster displayed at the front of the landing area in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

Nicky Ree


I've joined in Raven Lament's fundraiser for the K9 New Life Center.
It's such an awesome way to raise money to help some very unfortunate dogs.
Here is my contribution... and of course, all proceeds are being donated to K9 New Life.

Locations where "Fido" could be purchased:
On the wall at the main entrance of the womens store @ Stellar Designs
and Ravens Requiem (in the front/center).
There are some really cute items here for the same charity including the "Fido" hair (with a detachable bone!) that I'm wearing by GurL 6... so go have a look!

Vitamin Ci-Cha

By popular demand I've made Vitamin Ci-Cha. It's a simpler version of the Vitamin Ci-Val dresses and comes in five tasty colors colors: rose, antique (shown), lavender, celery, and ice. The dress is on the jacket layer and comes with a very flirty flex prim skirt, great for salsa, hot dates, and parties. Available @ Vitamin Ci's main store on Hefferoo and Onrez! Enjoy xoxo

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's new @ !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy

Trouble for men, an asymetrical messy sexy style that will work with your best dressed days right down to your most casual. With just enough flex for a realistic look.

Available in 18 colors in single packs, Darks Pack, Lights Pack, Fantasy Pack and Everything Pack.

The suit in the ad, Perfectly Pinstriped, is designed by Lissa Maertens for the House of Simone!

Guys you can't go wrong with this duo. Now go get Tamified!

New guys and girls outfits today @ Barerose Tokyo 3/27/08

New today for the guys "Professor of occultism"
Goth pants and jacket outfit featuring a super detailed jacket with sculpted collar , cumberbun,and sleeves.
Includes 3 colors of jackets and 1 pants.
Topped off by a sculpted hat ^^

New for the ladies "Simple Long Cardigan"
Perfect for spring pants and long cardigan sweater set.
You get one pair of pants and 5 different colors of sweaters!
Also included is a necklace <3

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

sf design 'meadow sweet' outfit

Well its not exactly springlike here in the uk so Im hoping this outfit will tempt the sun out in sl at least :)
SF Design Meadow Sweet is a dreamy outfit with a hip hung floaty skirt in 2 sizes for easier fitting. The shirt is peasant style with flexi sleeves and a beaded tie on the chest. There are glitch pants included but also some panties so if you want to show a lil leg you can. It also includes a sculpted hat with sculptie flowers. The outfit is available in white or with a pink or green wash. Mod/copy so you can tint it but if you wish to gift this item just contact me. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Abbie includes 2 different top styles depending on the mood of the day. Both can be mixed and matched using the gloves, capri’s and pants to create your own look.

bie Includes: Jacket, Top, Gloves, Pants, Pants as Undies, Capris and Sculpted Sleeves.

Available on SLex and Onrez for gifting.
You can get it here on Onrez
TP to DE Designs here


*Alchemy* Unique and Flirty! New Releases!!

Hello Everyone!
I released these 2 dresses yesterday and completely forgot to post them here!!
I hope you like them!!!
Contanza Volare <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baseball Seasons here @ Barerose Tokyo ^^

Baseball seasons here @ Barerose Tokyo with matching mens and womens baseball uniforms.
both sets include jerseys in 4 different colors and include a shirt that you can wear under the jersey.
Both have sculpted baseball bat with holding strap, sculpted hats in 4 colors, gloves and elbow + knee pads. Finally the boys has uniform pants , while the girls version includes uniform shorts.

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

What's new @ [ANIMAH]

This is the latest pack of poses for ladies from ANIMAH.

Available at ANIMAH, Onrez and SLX

For the Relay-For-Life event I have created another corsetted jean outfit with corset laced - acid wash jeans, and a corset-laced top. The top is on 3 layers and the jeans on 2. Sculptie attachments for the legs (yay!). Transfer-mod. The kiosk is right outside the shop and you can donate how ever much you want but donations of L$250 or more will be rewarded with this outfit. So come on by and help support a great cause and get a cute outfit to boot!

Visit in-world: Secondwave Apparel
SL Exchange: SecondWave Apparel - Sioxie Legend
OnRez: Sioxie Legend