Tuesday, June 30, 2009

House of Nyla ~ Semi Annual ,50% OFF SALE !!!

Hello Fashionista's
Happy Canada Day & 4th of July !!!!!!
To Celebrate the holidays , I am having my semi annual , 50% off Sale on everything in all my stores !!!!
Everything marked down
Nothing over $1000 L
Most items are under $500 L !!!
As low as $10 L.
June 29th to July 7th Only !!!
Come get your FREE 4th of July and Canada Day T-SHIRTS !!!
Designed for Men and Women FREE for the Holidays !!!
At the House of Nyla, you will find the finest couture SL fashion. Dresses, Silks, Corsets, Masks, Gloves, Lingerie, Hats and Shoes.... Bra, panties, garter belts and stockings in many colours to choose from. Masks perfect for Goth, Fetish Parties, Role-play, Superhero and they are Unisex.
***Gift certificates are available***
Please join House of Nyla on Facebook and Twitter !!!
Feel free to Invite your girlfriends !!!
Love Nyla

Barerose Tokyo new releases

❤ Long Happi ❤
June created this Happi (robe) that is used in Japanese festival
and made it have more of a fantasy look =)
features include 4 colors of the robe each with matching shoulders , choker, and wrist bands.
Also includes gloves, leggings, and large Uchiha (fan)

New causal release for the guys today ☆Naoya☆
This fun set includes ripped pants ( 6 colors ), tops made with sculted collar and sleeves (with or without undershirt ( 4 colors ) , plus free necklace!

❤ Hula Girl Type C ❤
Fun Hawaiian outfit includes Grass skirts, grass wrist and ankle bnds, Flowered Lei necklace + Po'0 headpiece, and 6 different colors of shirts =)
Even includes basic hula dance animation !

❤Pink Raven Chick❤
June made a new color for the Raven Chick outfit (Pink)
This beautiful goth dress includes shirt w/lace hem, lace skirt, flowing sleeves, leggings, striped stockings, sculpted coolar and shoulders, matching wings and headdress!

This is a full standing furry Dog avatar with a Japanese twist :)
Includes everything shown , Avatar , headband, and skirt!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet "Taylor" a fun and flirty summer style wrap top, with flexi ties, and a sweet little skirt to match. Shes simple, sexy and comes in 4 colors.
Next up is "Torrid"., this tight curve hugging dress is great for a night on the town. Sculpted sleeves sit around the upperarms, baring those sexy shoulders, with a soft v-neck chest, that flows down to a flirty skirt. Pair her with your favorite boots, or peep toe heels. Torrid comes in 6 different styles.
More Jeans! Lip Service jeans that is, 3 new styles for you. I was experimenting with some "torn" jeans and I think you will like these. 3 Styles, more to come!
I have some very cool necklaces in the works, tiny wrapped chains with different little charms, I think they will be popular once they are done. With the "dissappering prim" problem, its been very diffucult to build. So keep an eye out for them!**MIDNIGHT MANIA**A new midnight mania item is in the store! "head Fulla' daisies" is a cute summer straw hat, with some freshly picked daisies tucked into the front brim. And yes, "fulla' Is a word in texas :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's New @ The Deck - Rainbow Chaser

[[RC]] Rainbow Chaser _Oriental Bikini_ 1 @ The Deck
[[RC]] Rainbow Chaser _Oriental Bikini_ 2 @ The Deck

New Swimwear at Rainbow Chaser @ The Deck.

Lovely colours and design, a part of the range at Rainbow Chaser.


Friday, June 26, 2009

The wonderful fashions at Royal Ascot inspired me to make the new items at sf design - i was hoping to release them for Ladies Day - only a week late lol The ladies outfits are available as separates or as sets, The sets come in fuschia or blue and include a semi transparent open blouse with sculpted collar and flexi cuffs, floral dress with cinch belt texture, tintable panties, matching shoes, hat and purse that are scripted for menu driven colour change with 18 colours to choose from ( the items are modifable and cant be tinted through edit too) the shoes also come with sound option.
The blouses are available separately and if youre not in to formal look great over bikinis or shorts. The dresses are available separately in blue, red, orange, fuschia, lavender or grey The purse , shoes and hat come in a set on their own too ideal for matching dresses for a variety of occasions.
For the gents a classic english morning suit - although sf design already has featured mornings suits in our formal range ive updated the jacket for a better fit and teamed it with new pants , the set comes with both blue and grey accessories - vest, shirt with tie, prim tie addon, hankie, and sculpted shirt cuffs. The set is accompanied with a top hat. I presumed when I started this outfit I would be including an ascot style cravat, however i was surprised to find a neatly knotted regular tie was the order of the day in the royal enclosure- so that is what youve got!

Lots new this week @ Stellar

Adorable bandanna print dress for the summer. 7 colors to choose from and they're all in the center of the womens store (please excuse the remodel that is currently going on there).
They all match my Tattoo'd Wedge Shoes.

HOT new unisex "rockabilly" style arm sleeve tattoo today. I love it lots. Hope you do too. It's in the center of the Tattoo/Jewelry store (next to womens store).
Teenie little "Taunt"ing outfit. They're in the center of the womens store and
the 4 color pack is on xstreet. All of my "color packs" will only be available there from now on.

Very versatile studded tube tops in 8 great colors, only 75L each. Match them up with your favorite skirts, shorts, jeans or even wear them under a jacket.

New leather pants & capri's in black & brown. They're incredibly hot.. just look at that bum! ;)

And finally.. some cute rose graphic tank tops.

TAXI to Stellar

DE Designs Feral

A cute little conservative summer outfit.....errrrrrm...scratch that, let's try that again.

Revert to the wild with this week's release, Feral. This design comes in 3 colors Natural Leather, Black and Pearl. Includes Top (as Top and Undershirt), Undies, Gloves with sculpted cuffs and 3 parts which make up the legging. A multi-pack is also available for 50% off.

Also available here on Xstreet
Teleport to DE Designs here
DE Designs Blog

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rebel Hope and Rezzables Collide

I've always loved the Rezzables, as we’ve done several projects together. When Rightasrain Rimbaud told me about this project the "Rebel" in me came out. I crazily opened my mouth and said "I'll do it"! I wasn't sorry I did because I had the best time putting this one together. Mary is located on the Crimson Shadow Rezzable sim (224,93,251) which was built by Jimmy Thomson, as well as on Monarch Bay in the "new item" area. Hope you enjoy her as much as I did making her. There is a link below that will tell you all about the infamous Mary Mayhem.

Crimson Shadow <~~~Click here to teleport directly This outfit includes the following items..... Chained Bra Top Panties alone Panties and Garter Stockings Fire Lotus Tattoo Wrist Wraps Sculpted Boots (sizer script) Flex Prim Skirt (sizer script) Flex Prim Skirt (mod) Silver Sculpted Arm Bands Silver Sculpted Choker Leg Dagger with Rubies Flame Eating Torch (with animation) Fire Throwing Whip (with animation) The box containing Mary (as with all my costuming I include this for collectible purposes) Note..all clothing offered on multiple layers for versatility Instructions on all scripted items included 28 pieces in all Skin sold on Crimson Shadow sim Hair sold only at the hair fair by Raspberry Aristocrat (when hair fair is over it will be at her store located on Tully) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tully/62/192/25

Rebel Hope Designs, Inc. Monarch Bay


New releases @ Barerose Tokyo 6/24/09

❤Kare Shirts❤
June was telling me about this style, Its the hot fashion trend in the streets of Tokyo .
The trend is for girls to wear mens shirts ( Kare means boyfriend in Japanese ) - so kind of taking your boyfriends shirt and wearing it and dress it up.
The set includes white sheer shirt in 3 colors white /blue tint/pink tint - also 2 shirt bottom styles prim and non prim, Undershirt parts (Bra or white pastys) for those more shy, colorful loose neckties (5 colors) , matching stockings, and shorts!

★Summer time ★

Now you know where we got the shirts (❤Kare Shirts❤) for us to dress up :P
★Summer time ★ features dress shirt (3 colors in jacket layer + optional shirt layer), tailered pants (5 colors in 2 styles), loose necktie/ collar combination (6 colors), and folded jacket + holding pose ( 6 colors)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's New @ The Deck - Dutch Touch

TubeTops poster
Salopette poster
Tops Pack Greys

New @ The Deck , Tube Tops, Tank Tops and NEW Salopette overall dresses by Dutch Touch.

Dutch Touch @ The Deck


Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's New @ The Deck - Rainbow Chaser , Shape it Up

[[RC]] Rainbow Chaser

Rainbow Chaser
has moved into The Deck , a mix of womens fashion, tattoos and bikinis, this Japanese creator has a lovely colourful collection.

Rainbow Chaser @ The Deck

Also Shape it Up has added NEW releases to their shape store @ The Deck.

Each just 249L each...if you'd like a mod shape, we can, just i.m. us, if you'd like us to modify one of our shapes for you, we can! *All demos have large feet & hands--your purchased shape won't!

Lucky board at The Deck location!

Toni by Shape it Up
Catwalk by Shape it Up
Johan by Shape it Up
Max by Shape it Up
Pride by Shape it Up
The Doll by Shape it Up

Shape it up @ The Deck

New @ Vitamin Ci: Sweet Separates

By popular demand, I made some of my cutoff tops in solid colors as well as more shorts! Both tops and shorts come in 9 different colors and can be bought separately or in a pack. Available @ Vitamin Ci on the Hefferoo Sim.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What's New @ Ashia Designs

Pic heavy post coming, so hold tight.

Idiosyncrasy Skins Poster - Deth Dolly [1024]

dolly makeups

dolly eyes

Ashia Designs has rebranded to Idiosyncrasy, and all the yummies are part of the new line.

Cybernetics poster

cyber makeups

cyber eyes

Based on a skin I've been working on since April last year (pics are somewhere in the blog :P) it kinda took a very different direction after brainstorming with Jussy at 3am.

090524 Drow Final copy

drow makeups

drow eyes

So far we have 4 genres of skins and 3 of eyes, with more to come

Idiosyncrasy Skins Poster - Fight [1024]

fight makeups

I also welcome the return of the very popular Fight skins, my all time favies.

Huge thanks to Newdoll Nikolaidis and Justice Infinity for the incredible posters, you chicas rock.

Demos avail at the main store.
<3 Ash