Monday, September 28, 2009


Teleport to Cupcakes!

*Don't forget all store cards are on SALE for 60% off only until Oct 1st!

*Gift Bags will be discontinued in early Oct. There are now 15 bags total including all recent skin lines. L$250/each

*Skin fatpacks are on sale for only L$3k!

Halloween costumes coming soon! Yay :D

We also are offering 2 skin lines, Celebrity and Gemini for sale, full perms. We are asking 1500USD for both lines, we will provide tgas and some layered PSDs. IM MIRO Mimulus for info.

Yarna @ Enkythings

Yarna - classic sling back with wrap around ankle strap that eliminates any and all time restraints. The Yarna is being offered in a range of colours to suit any of your fashion needs. From a warm amber to a refreshing teal the Yarna will delight you with its multitude of possibilities. Find these at the enkythings store.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 new womens releases and 1 new mens release @ Barerose Tokyo

❤ Non Stop to Tokyo ❤
Beautiful Flight attendant uniform today featuring black tailored jacket and skirt, white shirt, collar w/built in scarf
(5 colors), stockings, and flight luggage =)

✰ Master Of the Light Force ✰
Jedi master robes worn by only the most accomplished Jedis who weild the light side of the force.
The set includes White/Black shirts, Black pants, Brown/Black/Blue Jedi robes, and both Blue and Green Ligtsabers complete with glowing blade . (can turn blade on and off )

❤ Camo Tiered ❤
Featuring a short mini dress with camo fabric and belted + layered (tiered skirt) in 4 colors.
Also includes choker , stockings (4 colors), and free watch!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Whats new @ TART

Lots of new items out at TART, I've been a little lazy on the blogging, so here's what I've been up to this month.

First up is Daisy, shown in red

Daisy color options

Next is Sofie, sold in color packs of 2

Sofie in pink/red color pack

Sofie color options

And last is new sexy satin Corset,
CarmenCarmen in Purple

Carmen color options

Don't forget you can grab all of these on Xstreet SL

What's New @ Calla? Three Sultry Styles!

There are three new in the Sultry Collection this weekend. You can pick up free demos at the Calla main store! Click the pictures for a larger view.


Pink Hyacinth

Scarlet Geranium

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here they are!!! This year's skin fair exclusives!!

Lucy Ultra Pale Skin Fair Teaser

up makeup set 1

up makeup set 2

up makeup set 3

fair exclusive makeups

This is my charity item, with 50% of the proceeds from the sale of individual skins going to Susan G. Komen - The Cure, and 75% of the proceeds from the fat pack going to the charity. It is a foundation that is helping people who's lives have been effected by cancer and also does cancer research. Check out for more info.

Skin Fair

What's New @ Curio

I've released the second set in my first 3 Vibrant faces, Breeze 2, Lovely 2 and Vixen 2 at the SKIN / SHAPE Expo. These new makeups include some smokey eyes and several dark and/or bright lips per your requests! As always, each skin comes in 2 skintones, 2 makeup variations and freckled and non-freckled versions of each.

Rita and I are also pleased to announce our new shape series! Starting with our first 8 shapes: Breeze 1, Breeze 2, Lovely 1, Lovely 2, Vixen 1, Vixen 2, Beach 1 and Beach 2. See pictures below:

Available at the SKIN / SHAPE Expo

Also released today is a new set of eyes at the Curio mainstore:

TP to Curio

Friday, September 25, 2009

Yarrr .. Barerose Tokyo Pirate outfits + 2 freebies

❤ Pirate Princess Type 2 ❤
Includes shirt W/ruffled collar, Jacket W/skull print
(4 colors), belt, mini skirt, stockings, pirate hat (2 Colors),
gloves, and even includes boots!

☠ Pirate Prince ☠
Featuring really detailed shirt with lace cumberbun, leather pants , gloves , pirate hat (2 colors), long pirate coat (4 colors), and boots!

✘ Free Neko Ashi ✘
Sculpted Neko/Kitty feet! (Available in the Free section of the store)

Lastly another free item ✘ Moving Shoulders When You Fly ✘
(Available in the Free section of the store)
This Attachment (Right Ear) allows your shoulders to move and animate your wings when ever you fly.
Standing it turns off, and when you fly automatically activates!
Can use with any wings but works best with shoulder attached wings.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

What's New @ The Deck - Rainbow Chaser, Adam n Eve

[[RC]] Rainbow Chaser _Little Wing_ Tattoo

Rainbow Chaser @ The Deck has a new tattoo in store on their second floor.

Click HERE to TP to Rainbow Chaser @ The Deck

Shape & Skin Special - Sasha Apple copy
New Shape/Skin pack available now at Adam n Eve @ The Deck .

Click HERE to TP to Rainbow Chaser @ The Deck


Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Tonight! Yes Paeoti is on a Roll! TRE'LACE Set! Hot and SEXY! To begin to describe to you the intricate detailing Paeoti has used on the ballgown for this set would not do it justice, its just something you need to see for yourself!
In all honesty, this is truly one of NYMPHETAMINE's best ball gowns of all time! It is truly stunning when worn!
Come on over to the NYMPHETAMINE NIRVANA Main Store and See for yourself!

4 New releases @ Barerose Tokyo

❤Toe Shoes ❤
This pretty ballerina set features sculpted ballerina shoes with toe standing built in, and 2 colors of the ballerina outfit each with leggings, lace bodice top, skirt, and gloves :)

♥ W.P. Daydream ♥
New Brown Edition of W.P. Nightmare !
Includes beautiful brown dress with feathered accents, choker, gloves, stockings, mask, and 3 color options for the side skirt

★ Owl King ★
Features include feathered shoulders / shirting/ mask, matching top and pants, gloves, and cloak.

❤Centepede Lady❤
This sexy set is made of highly detailed leather fabrics and lots and lots of belts and buckles throughout the outfit.
Buckles and belts on the pants, arms, waist, belt, and choker
make this a one of a kind outfit :)
Includes pink/Black/Blue versions.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

what's new

Skin and Shape Expo


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

THREE more Outfits Released today! Paeoti is on a roll, and is very excited to present to you 2 more lovely outfits and another gown!
Tulli White and the Tulli Black Short Dress - Fun and Flirty with some Sass! Be in high fashion wherever you go, everyone will look as you strut into the room in these outfits!!!
Tulli Morning Wedding Dress - This one speaks for itself, it flows with you, made with the smallest intricate details to make you stand out from the rest on your most special day! Pair with the astounding beauty of the hat that comes with the outfit or without the hat, the choice is yours! A MUST see up close and personal! Main Store on Dragon's Tail sim is stocked, ready and waiting for YOU!

What's New @ The Deck - aDORKable , Amaris


New items by Amaris @ The Deck

Click for TP to Amaris @ The Deck

aDORKable Poses_ Pumpkin Doodle
aDORKable Poses_ Lost in Your Eyes
aDORKable Poses_ Or Else!

New Poses available at aDORKable Poses @ The Deck

Click to TP to aDORKable @ The Deck