Monday, June 30, 2008

What's new @ *PERSONA*

The Mighty Heart Jewelry collection:

The fat pack of each set (gold, silver or bronze) is also available for L$480 each. Bracelets come with both options of attachment (right and left forearm) and the necklace comes with 2 options (chest and spine).

All available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez.


Credits gold set:
HAIR: Kin – Yohkoh, blond
SKIN: Blowpop - Caramel
CLOTHES: PERSONA – Marley dress
EYES: Miriel – Naturals, dark blue

Credits silver set:
HAIR: ETD – Vivian, in smoke burnt
SKIN: Blowpop - Honey
CLOTHES: PERSONA – Mollie undershirt
EYES: Miriel – Naturals, dark blue

Credits bronze set:
HAIR: Laqcroc – Lola, in brown
SKIN: Blowpop - Cream
CLOTHES: PERSONA – Horizon set, in brown
EYES: Miriel – Naturals, dark blue

What's New @ Cupcakes and Rosemar

Rosemary Galbraith of Rosemar and myself have been working on some collaboration skins together and are finally finished! They come in 12 tones and each tone has freckle and pubic options. We have 5 sets of 5 makeups available so far! You can find them at both our main stores in PopFuzz.
Teleport: Rosemar Cupcakes

What's New @ House of Heart

Four new styles @ House of Heart this week in 60 colors! The new release gift is located in the long and pigtail/ponytail section for 0L. In the gift is the 4 new styles in one color. There are also 2 styles located just as you walk into the pigtail/ponytail section which are done in limited edition colors and sparklers to celebrate Canada Day and July 4th. There is also a July 4th freebie located in the TP in section (picture above), Lady Liberty crown and torch, pose included and curtousey of Dove Swanson of [LAP]. July 4th stuff will only be available til the 5th.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whats New @ DeLa*

Giovanna, new mini dress is released.
Giovanna comes with a matching color belt.
Five solid color and with skin types are available.

And also all belts are sold alone.
Dress can be enjoy with favorite belt combination.
I like brown Giovanna with a gold belt;D
For wild and passionate summer, Giovanna will catch your heart

Saturday, June 28, 2008

2 new dresses today @ Barerose Tokyo 6/28/08

Baby Alone is a beautiful goth dress , with sculpted skirt, top, armband, and necklace.
Also includes wonderful stockings and gloves.
There are 2 lengths of skirts and 4 different colors of tops !

Shiny Scales is a sexy little mini dress with system skirt and lots colored stockings for many mix and match looks.
5 colors of the dress and 6 colors of stockings all included, as well as a free necklace <3

Visit Barerose Tokyo In World
Barerose Tokyo

4th of July stuff! And freebies too! *STELLAR*

Currently at the front desk of the womens store is this hot lil set. I haven't decided how long it will be around for so grab it while you can. It includes teenie tees (on all 3 layers), bandana mini skirt, special edition metallic blue hoop earrings & blue star choker.
Now for the FREEBIE part. My Stellar Designs group got a gift today.
In the box you'll find the Stars & Stripes Unisex Tee, Stars & Stripes Jeans (both unisex) shown below. Let me just say that I freaking love these jeans so much. Stars up one leg and stripes up the other. The Tees and Jeans are both for sale in my stores but I always send out something for holidays so YAY you get this, if you are in my group.
But that's not all. Ohhh no. You also get a pretty pair of electric blue eyes, a metallic blue double eyebrow piercing, an American Flag to display wherever (its copy/transfer!) and last but not least, a wearable hand sparkler that I did not make but its so darn cute.

What's New @ Magnolia Cove

Tracy of Encore is having a 50% off sale here at the main store. All items here have NO TRANS permissions as she still will have her other locations open. Stop by and grab some deals. Browse around both stores.

Friday, June 27, 2008

New today 2 outfits for the guys and 1 for the girls @ Barerose Tokyo

First we have the newest in the Zodiac signs series "Cancer" for both the girls and guys.

Both include sculpted crab like parts for back/shoulder/arm/leg and head .
They also include shoes and 8 colors of skirts on each version!

Next we have Gregory for the guys. this outfit features really nice jacket and pants combo with 3 colors of jackets and pants, and 2 colors of shirt collar/ties.
Both the jacket and shirt have scuplted collars.

Visit Barerose Tokyo In World
Barerose Tokyo

Whats New At Ashia Designs

It's been long overdue, but I've finally updated the fantasy skins, yays!! They have the awesomesauce windlight shadings, and all manor of tweaks that make them better than ever. The makeups have also been updated, overhauled and pumped up with steroids to make em phater XD!

So far the drow skins are done, I'm working on the rest of the fantasy skins as we speak. I will be adding to the series as it is by far my fave, and the one I have the most fun working on! There are a few changes in the works, including but not limited to, a sale, a change in price for the archive skins and some wicked makeups for the Destiny line. Demos at the main store

Got RAGE??

If not, then maybe you should. heh
PuNky new black denim and plaid sets in red/pink/black/purple (or the 4 pack).
Even includes the sexay leg tattoo!
They're on the new items shelves in the center of the womens store.
Happy Friday :)

click to enlarge the image

Hair by Deviant Kitties
Skin by Sin Skins
Boots by Shiny Things
Choker by Stellar

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's New @ Lya

Someone needs swimsuits? I just released these new swimsuits. There are 10 colors in total and you can see them all at Lya.

New today @ Barerose Tokyo Cowgirl and Cowboy outfits ^^

New Today Wasteland Cowgirl and Cowgirl outfits =)

Both include sculpted cowboy hat, Bandana, gloves, belt with rope, pouches, and holster.
Both also have 2 colors of vests.
The girls feature a bikini top you can wear alone or with the vest and two types of pants normal frilled ones or the chap only version for a sexier look ^^
3 colors are included !
For the guys they have the option of wearing the vest only or vest with 3 different colors of shirts, plus 2 colors of chaps !

Visit Barerose Tokyo In World
Barerose Tokyo


For the Ladies this week is “Haley”, classy and chic with several wearable options. Haley comes with 4 jacket tops in tan and red. 2 jackets have an underlying drawn shirt to be worn with the sculpted lace collar and cuffs. The other 2 jackets do not and can be worn as is or mix and match other shirts to create your own look. The pants come on the pant as well as the undie layers.

Available on SLex and Onrez for gifting.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BeBae Skins - Grand Opening

BeBae Skins' Grand Opening

Remember unFad? Well it's back under a new name and store!
Introducing BeBae Skins!


Singles: Was 1100L, Now 900L!
3 Pack: Was 2800L, Now 2500L!

This sale will last from 06/26 to 06/29


Renae skins

Here's a preview of the Tan tone:


Lashes, eyes, and a brow shape is included with every purchase


BeBae Skins

NEW! Teenie Tees!

...and wow do I mean teeeeeenie! 8 pack of shirts.
ONLY IN THE MOBVEND. So come mob me and get them for a ridiculous price!

Hair by HCT
Skin by [ND]
Choker - Bandana Skirt & Bandana Wrist wraps by Stellar
custom tattoo ..mine too but not for sale

Corsetted Up!

In the spirit of my Sex in the City tribute I named this sexy, gorgeous corset dress Carrie! This dress is so versatile it can be lingerie, a gown or either of two short, sassy, sexy dresses. It can be a micro mini or a short n flexi! Matching colour panties and stockings are provided to increase the versatility and I hope your pleasure in the dress.

Carrie is 500L per colour, with 8 gorgeous shades to choose from including Black, white, pink, hot pink, crimson red, blue, and green. A Brat Pack of all colours is availabe for 3000L which gives you 2 colours for free!

Carrie can be found in the gowns section, please click here for a TP.

What's New @ [Renegade]

Oh yeah, this'll get a rise....

Alright this is the latest skins release before I take a little break from em and move on to something else. We got yer typical sexy chic body with that smokey type of eyeshadow that everyone seems to be all about right now.

Trust me, come check em out, you won't be dissapointed. If you are dissapointed then you suck!

Bitch about double posts at [Renegade]

What's New @ Digit Darkes

French Affair Slip Dress, 7 Brilliant prints sold as singles or fat pack which gets you two for free

Digit Darkes Main Store

Sale & New@Diversity!!!

Hey Everyone!
Until June 28, all hairstyles in the NEW TEXTURES ONLY will be marked down 50% on all packs! Since many of the releases today are current hairstyles retextured in the new textures, I thought a sale was in order yay! I will have all of the styles that are on sale in the center of the store where the new releases are located. Remember the sale is ONLY for the hairstyles that are in the new textures :)

Aleri :)

The Laurie dress is a dress I made in memory of my dear friend Laurie who lost her life to inflammatory breast cancer a few years ago. This rich plum color knee length dress ensemble includes the bodice with silver decorative embellishments, underskirt shorts, flex ruffle prim skirt with under netting, bangle bracelet and clutch purse that includes the breast cancer pink ribbon. This dress is available on Monarch Bay at the entrance of the main formal building. Thank you for your support to RFL this year as we rally for a cure!

Rebel Hope
Monarch Bay

New @ MichaMi - Bandeau Dress

This is my latest release; the Bandeau Dress. Each base colour comes with four different colour options for the wrap under the bust and everything on all layers.

Available now at my Rue d'Antibes store.

Ciao, ciao!