Friday, July 31, 2009

What's New at Hair Styles by Tami McCoy

Lets Get Pumped For The Weekend!!
New release today is Pumped. Sculped design for minimal prims and superior design. Picture and demo included. Also included in the attachment are refreshers of this weeks releases. Don't forget to accept the attachment. Hope to see you in Dixie. Come get Tamified!

DE Designs Onyx Windsor Oxfords

A year ago I created my favorite Oxfords, Onyx. It was time I did some separates again, so I have expanded this line with Onyx Windsor. Five colors are available for the Ladies and Men, each having its own distinctive pattern. Suggestions I have received, as well as taking note of discussions, each comes in all possible layers. Sold separately as well as a discounted Multi-Pack.

Includes - Shirts on all layers, short and long sleeve, sculpted rolled cuffs.

Also available here on Xstreet
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 new releases for the ladies today @ Barerose Tokyo

New today June created a beautiful summer release
Features capri pants with sculpted prim tie, + beautiful sculpted prim wrapped top and collar.
Also includes free bracelet and you get 4 colors of the top.

Note: the top is prim and includes two sizes , but you may have to adjust to fit your avatar - please try the demo first :)

❤Burger Girl❤
This fun set includes our very own Barerose Burger girl uniforms in
3 differnt colors! Each includes skirt, shirt with collar and sleeves,
matching apron, stockings, visor, exclusive Barerose Burger nametag, plus food tray complete with sculpted food and holding animation!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Whats new @ TART

I've been lazy about blogging. Here are the newest items @ TART

Grunge jeans (sculpt bottom for sneakers & heels)

Basic mini's full sculpt/flex prim skirt with optional base

Alex - fat pack shown

Brittany-shown in black (more colors avail)

What's New at Hair Styles by Tami McCoy

New release today is not hair :) (Although the hair in the ad is new and it's called Lollipop;) It's a cute outfit in black/grey combos and super fun. There is a flexy and sculpted skirt, a tank top and shrug with sculpted collar and cuffs. Please enjoy! Be sure to head on over to Dixie to see all that's new and get Tamified!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's New @ The Deck - Miel

New SO Retro Dots Bikini's by Miel, now at The Deck location


Click for TP to Miel @ The Deck


2 releases each for the girls and guys @ Barerose Tokyo

❤Kikyou❤ (Summer Kimono)
Features 3 different colors of the beautiful kimono each with hand drawn flowers !
You also get matching obi, matching geta sandles, and Kinchaku purse!

Cute new Japanese/neko outfit called
❤ Nekomata Musume ❤
Features mini kimono in 3 colors , each with obi, belt, sculpted arms and sleeves, neko ears , neko twin tail, and matching geta sandles!

Featuring black priest robes, collar with cape, waist sash, and hat.
Includes 3 color trim versions White/Red/Purple!

★Black Belts★
Cool punk outfit for the guys today featuring plaid and black tops with sculpted collar and sleeves ( 4 colors )
matching black pants, skirting/belts, 4 colors of ties, gloves, eyepatch, and matching boots for each color!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's New @ Idiosyncrasy

Just a little sneak peek of an upcoming release. Meet Riley!!! She features all new freckles, yes, I've said goodbye to the freckles I've used for the last 18 months+. It was more than time to go back to the drawing board I believe.

riley pale

Whimsy wanted full body freckles, which still freak me out :p So I compromised and did upper body ones. Sasy wanted a beauty mark behind the knee, yes, she got her way! I used my Dave Nagel skin texturing brushes which are made of fucking win. You can grab Series 27 here. I also used Series 37, but my old link has gone caput, but I'm sure they can be googled.

riley sun

As with the other releases in my blended series, there will be 8 makeups, free freckled versions and mebe a group gift.

riley tan

These pics are unedited snapshots (bar cropping). Riley will be available soon @ Idiosyncrasy.
<3 Ash

Barerose Tokyo "Swansong" release

June designed a theme outfit for the Black swan "Swansong" event!
For those that don't Know the Black Swan sim is a beauitul sim with stunning details such and giant statues, beautiful lagoon and wonderful effects to see.
It has hosted many fashion events and now after a long run will be shutting down so they are holding 1 last "Swansong" fashion event.
The theme for the show are the 4 elements!
June chose the fire element and as you can see by the outfits captured the fire element perfectly.
Each outfit includes stunning details and sculpted prim parts including a chest piece that has a fire animation built in!

☑ Available @ The Blackswan Swansong event
Black Swan Swansong

What's New @ The Deck - Rainbow Chaser

[[RC]] Rainbow Chaser _Maxi Long Dress_ 01
[[RC]] Rainbow Chaser _Maxi Long Dress_ 02

Beautiful New items at Rainbow Chaser @ The Deck.

Click to TP to Rainbow Chaser @ The Deck


Whats new@ DeLa*

DeLa* released new jackets and pants.
Alexis are sharp tailoring romantic jacket.
Tiny ribbon hem is the biggest details of this jacket.

Tiny detailing also decorate shorts,knee-length shorts, and long elegant pants on all three legth of pants side.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What's New @ The Deck - Unzipped , DeLa

UnZipped @ The Deck - Tesla2flux Poster
UnZipped @ The Deck - tesla2female Poster
UnZipped @ The Deck - redenlightment
UnZipped @ The Deck - Midnight embrace
UnZipped @ The Deck - Mihka Midnight dreams dress poster

New items at Unzipped @ The Deck , a great range of mens and womens steampunk inspired pieces.

Click to TP to Unzipped @ The Deck

DeLa_ alexis2  @ The Deck

DeLa_ alexis4 @ The Deck

New items at DeLa @ The Deck , sculpted Jacket and Dress pants, beautifully styled.

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New sculpted prim bikini set @ Barerose Tokyo

Stunning new all prim bikinis @ Barerose Tokyo!
❤Dots Bikini❤
These bikinis are beautifully realistic and include bikini tops and bottoms in 4 yummy colors!
You also get matching arm and leg ribbons , necklace and belly button jewelry.
Note: these are completely all prim bikinis. June has included 3 different sizes of each color , but you may have to adjust to fit your own avatar - So plase try Demo first =)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Sunday, July 26, 2009

6 New Hairs @ Hair Solutions

I finally got my new store opened and launched. Most of my regular customers are so thrilled with the new store and textures they can't stand it! I'd like to share with you the new hair that is out in the store. I'd really like for you to stop by if you haven't seen my product before. Hair Solutions

See you soon! Hugs, Kia Goodliffe

What's New @ The Deck - CKS Designs

New and Exclusive to The Deck
Gorgeous New Bikinis by CKS Designs.

__CKSD__ Sparklebum PackPIC

__CKSD__ Dotty Bikini PackPIC

__CKSD__ First Mate NavyPIC

__CKSD__ First Mate WhitePIC

__CKSD__ First Mate RedPIC

__CKSD__ Going Commando PackPIC

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