Friday, August 14, 2009

NEW @ Rebel Hope Designs!

Released today, the Kate dresses are something between the summer and fall transition for fall. I've done these dresses in 6 pretty jewel tones with details such as sculpted arm sleeves, sculpted back bodice bow and beaded flower details. The back of the bodice has sheer black netting that gives it a romantic feel and look. I've included two different prim skirt options with one being a single layer prim skirt for a lighter feel, as well as a double prim skirt for a tad bit fuller feel. There are both mod skirts as well as reziser script skirts for your convenience.

RH has made a jewelry set to complement the dresses, Beauvallet. This jewelry has a romantic feel and reminds me of something you would find in a Tuscany jewelry store. It's sculpted swirls and gemstone work is impeccably done by RH as always. This jewelry can be found next to the new dresses in the "New Items" area on Monarch Bay. Click on the teleport button when you arrive. Rebel Pack offered at a discounted price.

Many thanks to our Face of RH Designs, Kimberly Mirabeau for her gracious and professional model work. Her hair is by Truth Hawks and her skin is by Ryker Beck.

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