Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's new @ Ornamental Life

Hello! So finally I managed to finish up some work and bring you a new release. Take a look!

First, Back To Basics. This is a very basic set, each color comes with 4 shirts - tank, tee, 3/4 sleeve and long sleeved shirt. Priced at 200L per color that basically means you get one basic shirt for 50L. Anyway I myself had trouble finding these sorts of basic items so I just made them:) They come on all possible layers for ease in mixing and matching. So 4 per color, 7 colors, single pack 200L, fatpack 1100L and all layers.

Second we have Fiddler. This is a spring inspired boho skirt, comes in 7 colors and glitch pants on both layers. Colors match well with Basics set. So 7 colors, single pack 130L, fatpack 720L and both layers. Skirt is also modifiable so no problem with fitting:)

Come see the new releases and older stuff and in general, enjoy yourself! Have a great day, everyone! :)

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's New at Hair Styles by Tami McCoy

Imagine that...a new hair finally released. So it's been a while since I released anything new. I've got several ready now and I'll be releasing them one or two at a time over the next week or two. Today's release is called Tami. It's a layered sexy do with lots of fun whisps and layers throughout. It's very much like my own real life hair so I decided to name it after myself. The style is primarily sculpted with some flexy added in for fun movement and realism. Available in all 206 shades in the new packs only. (As I said before over the last few months, I will be discontinuing the old textures at some point. Things are going much slower than I planned) Demo and color demos available in my main store here in Dixie.
Hope to see you there :)

DE Designs Tango Spring 09

Spring has sprung! Well that's wishful thinking on my part. However, Tango Spring 09 starts the warming process. This design has every conceivable layering option that I could think of, that's one reason it has 29 parts.

- 2 shirts(white and black) on all layers, including one that allows the tucking of them into the low rise jeans, sculped collars and shirt cuffs.
- Jacket is on all layers with sculpted cuffs
- Jeans come in full length or capri both with sculpted cuffs. Both are on the pant and undie layers.

Available here on Xstreet
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NEW @ Digital Knickers

Sexy new dress this week @ Digital Knickers! This silky knit dress hangs and clings to all the right curves. A dangerously open front, is accented with a silky drape, and the back features heavy silver rings to hold it all together. Two skirt options give you that short daring and incredibly flirty vibe, or a slightly more conservative, yet still totally sexy look. Both perfect for dancing the night away. Comes in 4 colors.
You know where to find it!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What's New @ Curio

New hair at Curio!

Both styles come with several different versions

Don't forget to join our group, Gala and Rita Design Announcements for free hair and skins!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's New @ Cupcakes?

We are discontinuing the Birthday Suit line of skins by March 15th, 2009. In the meantime, they have been rock-bottem priced. 200L per skin (freckles and pubic hair options in every pack), 800L per 5 skin fatpack. If you've been holding out on getting more of this line, come soon! TELEPORT

What's New @ Cupcakes?

We just love making more makeups for our newest skinline, Lovespell! Today we have 5 NEW makeups for you. Come try on a demo! TELEPORT

New at MichaMi this week

New Release this week at MichaMi: Anoorea

Anoorea is a sexy and sleek Blouse and pencil Skirt combination. The silky Blouse has a sexy keyhole opening, revealing a little bit of cleavage. The Skirt is high-waisted with chic seam-detailing around the waist and the front.
Each piece (blouse and skirt) are sold as separates so that you can mix and match your favourite colour combinations.

Style Tip: wear the Blouse and Skirt in one block colour for a fierce, strict and chic dress-like look.

Available at MichaMi Square.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whats new@ DeLa*


Showing pic is only two kinds though, Arta has three kind of bangles with both wrists.
Black, silver,gold and pink are available.

Teardrop with crystal earrings and necklace "Tiana"
Also available in black, silver, gold and pink.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Now through March 2, items marked for clearance are all 150L and less in the womens store. That's 75% off (or more)! TAXI

DE Designs Over 400 Items 10% to 60% off

Let me start off by saying I have never had a sale and this isn't one either, I have something better. How does a 10% to 60% PERMANENT price reduction on 400+ items grab ya?

As can be seen from my last two releases, I am going back and redesigning some of my older designs to fit with today's look and retiring the old. To be honest, I had not looked over some of my older designs for quite some time. When I decided to start redesigning some of my older things, I noticed that the pricing of them was not in line with today's economy, SL as well as RL. A buck just doesn't get you what it use to in SL and a buck in RL is getting harder to come by.

That being said, I have reduced prices on 37 items in the main section of the store. This includes Ladies and Men's outfits and range from a 10% reduction to a 50% reduction. My newer items haven't been changed, I feel these are priced accordingly. I have marked the reduced items with a "Red Square " that says "Reduced". These squares will stay up for a short time so everyone can see what has been marked down.

That's not all.

On the 2nd floor there are now 10 sections of my older Items reduced by as much as 60%. This includes Ladies and Men's items.
50 Ladies Outfits at 99L
90 Ladies Outfits at 150L
30 Ladies Outfits at 250L
55 Ladies Tops at 50L
25 Ladies Pants at 50L
15 Men's Outfits at 99L
45 Men's Outfits at 150L
9 Men's Outfits at 250L
40 Men's Shirts at 50L
22 Men's Pants at 50L

As far as redesigning some of my older items. I am still going to be doing some of this when the mood hits me and I don't know which ones I will be doing yet. When I do, the older ones will be retired the same day I release the newer ones.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's New @ Bodies by Oh!

New shapes, skins, and lingerie at Bodies by Oh! Too much to show you here, so please stop by and check out all the new products.

Visit Bodies by Oh!
Topaz Square

What's New @ -InSync-

The -InSync- Party Riverboat, the syncronicity III is perfect for your friendly gatherings. If you want to walk all around the decks, have a look at the spinning wheel, sit inside to see the sun go down ........... the syncronicity II is perfect for that. On the second deck you can have wonderfull parties and with the DJ Boot in the CaptainsHut you can have a blast. The whole stucture is low prim only 291. All textures are homemade and some of them are even handdrawn! This boat simply asks to party 24 hours a day 7/7 a week .

It will be sold at XStreet and if you  want to check out how it looks first??? That will be possible too. Da Vinci Isle has given us the opportunity to give the landmark to Club Idylls, take a TP and check it out!!!

Do you want to have your special name on the party river boat?? Just IM us and will make that in addition.

Want to see more of our work?

Frederic Graves & AEster Hathaway

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's New @ Cupcakes?

5 new makeups for lovespell! Our latest skin line just keeps growing! Come check them out and try on some demos :D TELEPORT

3 New Hairs @ Damselfly Hair Salon

We have three *3* new Men's Hair out from Damselfly this week!! Falant,Jai,and Kamen. Falant is a long layered wavy to the shoulders look while Jai is a long ponytail pulled back away from the face and Kamen is parted to show off those baby blues but leave the shaggy hair around the neck for that special someone to caress.These styles as always are sculpted and flexi. They are available in 130 different colors. It can be purchased in packs of 4, big packs of blondes,reds,brunettes,blacks, or funkys, or the phat pack of 130. Prices start at 200l!
They can be found at DragonFly Oasis in the Damselfly Hair Shop located at:
or on SLX!!

Skins worn is from DragonFly Skins for Life line Ridge Desert Emo After Five.

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are adding to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!

You can also check out our blog at:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Whats new @ TART

wow its been for ever since I've blogged anything. My computer was in repair for 2 damn months (f*ckin hate gateway) but finally, I got it back.

New out is Tania

Corset on jacket layer, and drape skirt on pant layer w/sculpt prim parts

Also new at TART is Bound

Shown here in black platform, also avail in a regular pump sole, and a wedge.

buy TART from SLX

visit TART in world

What's New @ Cupcakes?

NEW! @ Cupcakes! The Wild Dress is available in 8 colors and The Zebra Dress is available in 14 colors! You can find them at our new location at Le Zoo. TELEPORT

What's New @ House of Heart

Three new styles are out at House of Heart this week. Styles come in 85 colors, regular packs are 195 (5 colors) and double packs are 290 (10 colors). The new release gifts are out as well in the long, up-do’s and pigtail and pony’s section. The release gift has each style included in it, in one color for 0L.

New @ Vitamin Ci-Sophia

Man oh man...a week off. You know I'm excited yall! While I'm off, I figured I would make some yummy goodness. Sophia comes in Blue, Teal (shown), Gold, Silver, and Green. Available @ Vitamin Ci's main store on Hefferoo.

DE Designs Constantine 09 and Annet 09

The latest in my redesign project is Constantine 09 and Annet 09. These two were originally done in 2006. I am really pleased on how the new versions turned out and they are much more versatile then ones created in 06. Both come with two different style tops. One with a drawn bra and one without so that you can wear other items underneath if you wish. With this release, the original Constantine and Annet have been retired.

Both Include - Top with bra(all layers), Top without bra(all layers), Pants, Pants as Undies, Panties, Thigh Highs, Sculpted Shoulder Pads, Collar, Bustle, Top cuffs, Pants Cuffs and Flex Dress.

Available here on Xstreet
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