Wednesday, April 30, 2008

whats new @ TART

Out this week is Trina

A flowing open jacket with leather belting -can be worn with panties, hotpants, or your fav pair of jeans

Flexi prim tails, and sculpt sleeves

available in black/plum/blue/burgundy

T..a..R..t Clothing in Steelridge

Buy TART from OnRez

Whats New @ DeLa*

"Irina" diva pants dress is released.
Both long and short length pants are included.
It comes with matching color tie;)

2 Releases For The Girls Today @ Barerose Tokyo

New today "Jungle Princess"
Wow this one is really fun , Features jungle shirt and shirt, with asculpted sabercat mantle (cape)
There are upper and lower tattoos included on undershirt and underwear layers, as well as a sculpted leg knife, Bone necklace, and leather armbands.
the shirts and skirts come in 3 different colors, and 3 different cape (mantle) colors all included!
Now come get this outfit and let your inner cave woman come out <3

Also New today , "Witch Rose"
Beautiful babydoll style dress in 4 different colors! The necklace shown is also included <3

NEW Branson Tuxes and Seperates

Just released, the Branson Tuxedos are the quintessential formal tuxedo. The jacket features long tails in an ultra formal style as well as a double breasted vest and Ascot tie. Pants are also included and show button detail as well as seam details. Also being sold in separate pieces are various colors of ties and vests as well as the dress pants for those who would just like a nice formal or dressier type pant. (shirt and tie are included on an undershirt layer, vest is on a shirt layer and jacket is on a jacket and skirt layer. Jacket bottom is mod for flare, pants are mod for fit but the rest is no mod.) Branson is transferable.

You can find them in the main entrence of the formal building on Monarch Bay. I'm hoping this reaches out just a little further to those men who are in desperate need of formal clothing.

Rebel Hope Designs
Monarch Bay

New @ *AnnaH*

I have this love for system skirts... so here are the new releases!

Antonia and Dulce are both full outfits for girls who like system skirts. Besides the system skirts, the outfits come with a lot of more items. For full details read my blog here!

Outfits available at Sedna, shop.onrez and SLExchange.

Don't forget about the sales in my store! All old outfits are 24L$. Go check them out!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rylie Hair @ Damselfly Hair Salon

New women's hair from Damselfly Hair Salon. This hair comes in 125 different colors and has a built in resizer.

Rylie can be found at DragonFly Oasis in the Damselfly Hair Shop located at:
[url][/url] Oasis/110/43/26

Skin worn is from DragonFly Skins for Life line Jayden Beach Tan, Mocha. Clothing is from Tommy Fairplay of DragonFly Designs and can also be found at DragonFly Oasis.

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are adding to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!

You can also check out our blog at: [url][/url]

What's new @ Nuclear Boutique

3 new chic and sexy swimsuits from Nuclear Boutique:

Tahiti Bikini in Sangria

St. Croix Swimsuit in Rose
Skin: Jasmine by RealSKIN
Glasses: Lauer by Gudshu Glasses

Seychelles Bikini in Gold

Available in in the Casual Wear dept near the Free Gift Area at Nuclear Boutique


NEW 100L Sundresses @ Stellar

This is a special that I'll be running through spring/summer & then they're gone.
12 sexy new (colorful) sundresses.. on the wall to the right inside the womens store on a large display. They're only 100L each so grab them all while ya can :)

click for a large image

What's New @ Ornamental Life

These fun tanktops come together. You get one on all layers with mod and copy rights and the other one with transfer rights on jacket layer. So you can make your friend smile as well:) Or keep it, whichever you prefer.

In other news, the group is now available through search and feel free to join it, when it hits some sort of reasonable amount (I'll clear that detail later), I have some interesting plans for it:) So consider joining, you won't regret it.

Visit Ornamental Life

Monday, April 28, 2008


Encore and Hairapy have combined parcels and we wanted to offer new avies something that would make them feel not so new and out of place. MC Noob Kit has 3 hairs, a babydoll dress, 4 pairs of eyes, a shape and skin. It's for avies 120 days and younger, just right click on the vendor and select pay to get your Noob Kit. Stop by Magnolia Cove and pick up your kit newbies. Please feel free to browse both stores while visiting.

What's New @ Reel Expression

New pose set out today. 12 different poses + 3 different window types. Enjoy!
Only at the main store at Lalique Square.

Fantastic New Dress today "Black Witch" @ Barerose Tokyo

"Black Witch"
Beautiful new dress today featuring shimmering black lace.
Draping sleeves on the top and lace skirt are perfect.
Includes 5 different color tops, 2 lengths of skirts, and hat!

Visit Barerose Tokyo In World
Barerose Tokyo

Whats New @ Digit Darkes

Four incredible NEW Antigua sets already been seen on the Catwalk over the weekend in only one colour, these are divine lingerie or resort style wear, available with all layers at the Digit Darkes Main Store.

House of Nyla...Red Dragon Gown

Hello Fashionista's,

Hope you are all doing very well !!!

I recently created a wedding gown in Real Life for Indy Film director Brie Koniczek.

Not your typical wedding gown but an explosion of bright Red Duchess Silk.She had received some vintage silk dragon brocade from her family that was used as the top drapes, it was backed with a variegated golden charmeuse.

To top it all off the embroidered dragon that is on the corset was stencilled from the grooms tattooed chest, he has a dragon that wraps from his front chest all the way to his back. So when I embroidered the Dragon onto her corset I put it on the opposite side , his was on the right chest and hers on the left to symbolise yin and yang.

It was a wonderful experience and they are truly in Love.

At the House of Nyla, where you will find the finest couture SL fashion. Dresses, Silks, Corsets, Masks, Gloves, Lingerie, Hats and Shoes.... Bra, panties, garter belts and stockings in many colours to choose from. Masks perfect for Goth, Fetish Parties, Role-play, Superhero and they are Unisex.

Love, Nyla

*** Gift certificates are available ***

new eyes & shapes @ here comes trouble

shapes! yay!
copy/mod/no trans
150L$ each
comes with notecard with skin/hair/eyes used landmarks

I see you!
Okay, not really, but there are 25 new eye choices!
copy/no mod/no trans
10L$ a pair
All at Here Comes Trouble (Troubled City)
(In the body shop)

New @ Damselfly Hair Salon

New women's hair from Damselfly Hair Salon. This hair comes in 125 different colors and has a built in resizer.

Pacey II can be found at DragonFly Oasis in the Damselfly Hair Shop located at:
[url][/url] Oasis/110/43/26

Skin worn is from DragonFly Skins for Life line Jayden Beach Tan, Cinnamon Shine. Clothing is from Tommy Fairplay of DragonFly Designs and can also be found at DragonFly Oasis.

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are adding to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!

TUSH! Capri's @ Stellar

Available in 5 wash colors: blue, pink, silver, black and dirty...they all have the thick silver punky belt, tattoo'd heart on the pocket & sculpted cuffs. Pick em up on the new items shelves to the right of the entrance @ the womens store.

What's New @ Haute Style & Co.

Introducing the newest addition to Haute Style & Co. - Bacci is funky and fresh donning this great fur skirt and hot pink colors, perfect for any occasion. This outfit also includes shoes to match, so no worries on trying to find the perfect shoes!

New Business Wear Collection @ Nicky Ree

Hi ;)

I have just released a new Busines Suit Collection called Milly. Milly comes with many skirt, pants and flexi prim options. Available in 15 colours and great for mixing and matching. Now only in my main store in Tropical Orchid (209, 148, 30).

I have also set aside "Milly in Pearl" in a special discounted price for my group members. So remember to wear group tag when purchasing the special pearl group set to save 200L. This special discount will only be available for 7 days.

Nicky Ree

Princess Carita RFL 2008 Special

A LIMITED EDITION set designed for the Relay For life Charity event in help raising funds for the American Cancer Society.

More pictures & design inspirations :- Check here
When? Last till 17 June 2008
Where to donate for this set? In between Alienbear Design & BijouxOr design main stores

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whats new at DaeSkins? - Kharisma

Kharisma....some of us have it, and some of us don't. You want a little Kharisma? Okies! Just one quick shopstop to DaeSkins on Lo Lo!
Kharisma comes available in Blonde, Brown, Red-Brown and Black brows and bits. Also available separately- The Kharisma shape (as pictured) in 5'7 ", 5' 10" and 6'1" tall (copy only)

Ta for now!

New Light In The Void & Gl Sailor @ Barerose Tokyo

First outfit is "Light in the Void"
We just found out that June tied for first place with Dark Eden for The Mfa Fashion awards for this outfit!
It features leather cutout pants , Belted skirt in 2 colors, Sculpted gloves, sleeves, and collar, Plus Feathered Neck and shoulder piece in 3 different colors <3

A Little about the outfit ...June designed this one for the band Spacejunky! And specifically for the song named Killer coat!
Space Junky is a RL group that also performs in Sl and was recently featured on CNN!
here is the link for those interested.
Cnn Video
CNN Video

And a Sl video also
Space Junky Performing In Second Life

The second outfit is "GL Sailor"
June Designed this one for the J-school/Gl party we had last night and now there are 3 colors of the dress !
Dress features sailor style collar with tie, Sculpted arms on the shirt, hair ribbon, and beautiful ribboned skirt.

Visit Barerose Tokyo In World
Barerose Tokyo


Available in 11 beautiful colors (mega pack too) and each have a sculpted/flexi tie & sculpted cuffs & come on the shirt & jacket layers for your convenience.
They're on the new items shelves in the center of the womens store.

click for larger images

TUSH! Jeans in ad by Stellar

What's New @ INSOLENCE

I am very honoured to introduce today the begining of a new range of the INSOLENCE products.

MISTY LINE is a really, really HOT, new, upscale facet in the INSOLENCE underwear.

Designed for the kinky woman in you,the MISTY LINE ensembles are an attempt to conciliate the fine detailing of my previous releases, with the darker, burning spirit of BDSM clothing.

Each piece is tailored from high quality materials only, exploring dangerous curves to bring you total seduction power. BEWARE !! This is *NOT* exactly what is called PG ! Would you ever get to overheat your partner's heart, or cause traffic crashes, I don't want to be taken for responsible ;)

This first release in the MISTY LINE features black zipped latex outfits, in a definately dominating mood.

Meet the amazingly hot Euterpe Zagoskin and Misty Skjellerup modelling the new releases :

More outfits pictures are available on my blog.

You can find these new items in the freshly opened underground area of the INSOLENCE mainstore :

either walking down the tricky stairs under the main stairs,
using the teleport system located just next the voting station,
or following this SLURL, that will bring you directly to the hot spot.

PS -

These outfits are sold COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER.