Saturday, October 31, 2009

What's New @ LVS & Co

LVS & Co has NEW items, click here to see them on What's New SL.

What's New Launches What's New SL

Whats New Join Now

Tomorrow  November 1st 2009, launches the newly formatted What's New SL..inworld group, flickr pool and website - which reposts to plurk and facebook for more exposure for your business.

Many stores have already joined What's New SL in world, so that they can reach a wider audience, and allow you to see what wonderful items they have to offer.

Also as well as new release information, notices in newsletter format will be sent when relevant , allowing you to know of hunts, charity events, and anything NEW that that store has going on.

We hope that you will join What's New SL in world, and also visit the website, so that you can peruse archives at your leisure.

Stores already part of What's New SL  so far:

Adam n Eve
Carolines Jewelry
Dark Mouse
DE Designs
Digital Knickers
DM Designs Jewelry
Evies Closet
Hair Solutions
House of Nyla
House of RFyre
La Petite Morte
Long Awkward Pose
Luck Inc
Material Squirrel
Nicky Ree
Nyte n Day
Sand Shack Surf Co.
Sassy Kitty Designs
Second Wave Apparel
Sh*t Happens
Skin Within
Tiny Bird
The Crystal Queendom
TM hair by Tami McCoy
Wild Thing

Friday, October 30, 2009

Beautiful new handbags @ Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

New Emanuela bags
Very highly detailed and realistic.
Each set incudes 3 different bags Shoulder/Hand/Forearm
and each has its own built in Ao.
5 different colors available!

[✔] Emanuela Bags available @ Barerose Haute Couture store location
Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

What's New @ Stellar & Sand Shack Surf Co

Click HERE to see What's New at Stellar and Sand Shack Surf Co. and read up on What's New SL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Three Totally Adorable Outfits Released TONIGHT!

The Mari Line is all new and HOT HOT HOT! Come and see for yourself :)

Dont forget our HALLOWEEN FREEBIES! We now have TWO of them!! The gift bag in front of the Pumpkins with some sexyy ooo la la lingerie inside JUST for you!

And dont forget our Wearable Pumkn Pie!! OOOO Is that possible!! You will have to come and get it for yourself! Only Paeoti would dream up this one! Bring your whip cream YUM!!!!

Heres Your ride!!!!!!!!!

Stunning New sculpted Metal Bikini/Silks set @ Barerose Tokyo

Stunning new metal Bikini/Silks set today:
❤ Enthraller ❤
June continually amazes with her sculpted work =), todays
outfit is no exception.
Enthraller features sculpted metal bikini set in 6 colors!
Each piece has detailed metal and jeweled accents. Top,skirt,armbands, wrist and ankle jewelry, thigh bands,
necklace and headpiece!
Includes 2 sizes of bikini top (please try demo to see fit)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Want to play?? @ Digital Knickers today!

NEW @ DIGITAL KNICKERS! "His Plaything" is a super sexy ensemble that comes in layers, so YOU can choose the style You wear! Pair up the lacy cami with the arm ruffles, and a wide hipster panty, or bring together the cropped corset style top with a 'barely there' thong, either way Your man wont resist making you his little plaything *grins
get it at DIGITAL KNICKERS while its hot!

Monday, October 26, 2009

What's New @ Stellar

See whats New @ Stellar CLICK HERE ...


What's New @ DE Designs

See whats New @ DE Designs CLICK HERE ...


2 New Women's N Men's Hair!

We have *2* new hairs out this week from Damselfly this week!! Macey and Rana, we are trying to release more hairs that are fit for both men and women so please come try on a demo and see for yourself.These styles as always are sculpted and flexi. They are available in 130 different colors. It can be purchased in packs of 4, big packs of blondes,reds,brunettes,blacks,natural pack or funkys, or the phat pack of 130. Prices start at 200l!

They can be found at DragonFly Oasis in the Damselfly Hair Shop located at:
or on SLX!!

Skins worn is from DragonFly Skins for Life.

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are adding to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!

You can also check out our blog at: [url][/url]

Friday, October 23, 2009

2 Womens and 2 Mens releases @ Barerose Tokyo

❤ Tartan Witch ❤
Beautiful tartan /flowered designed dress includes
3 different colors Pink/Blue/Red
☑ Tartan /flowered blouse
☑ Matching skirt and belt
☑ Sculpted collar, tie, and arm parts
☑ Matching sculpted hats
☑ Striped stockings

❤ Black Tears ❤
Features sleek black dress with sheer chest,
Unique sculpted chest piece (4 color trims),
Matching sculpted arm pieces (4 colors trims),
Gloves, and necklace.

✰ The Hatter ✰
☑ Black pants
☑ Belted Jacket (2 colors)
☑ Sculpted jacket colat/Tie, and sleeves
☑ Stiped socks
☑ Unique Sculpted Hat (2 colors)
☑ Handheld Tea Cup

★ Syosei ★
Syosei is a Japanese student outfit dated back to
nearly 100 years ago.
The outfit features white buttoned shirt, kimono styled
jacket ( 3 colors), pants and skirting ( 3 colors ),
glasses, hat, and geta sandles!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Monday, October 19, 2009

What's New @ Magika

New Items at Magika click HERE for more Info ....


DE Designs Avanta

I wanted to create a unique look with this design, stylish yet edgy. I really like the result of Avanta. The equestrian pants come belted and plain. I also did two different style tops, a cropped jacket with semi transparent sculpted sleeves and a vest. Both have corset style laced up backs and I have included a tight shot here so you can see them up close. Tops and pants come on all layers and sculpted pant cuffs are also included.

Also available here on Xstreet
Teleport to DE Designs here
DE Designs Blog

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's New @ The Deck - Miseria

[Miseria] Pacific Camisoles Ad

New Camisoles now available from Miseria @ The Deck. Beautiful delicate cami's in a huge array of colours.

Click HERE to TP to Miseria @ The Deck .


Friday, October 16, 2009

New matching couples release tonight @ Barerose Tokyo

❤ Stingray ❤
Features include:
☑ Black Leather/Latex V shape top (Jacket layer)
☑ White shirt / with sculpted collar
☑ Sculpted shoulders + arms and gloves
☑ Fishnet hip stockings + arms
☑ Lower leg stockings
☑ Belt
☑ Sculpted cloak (With 5 trim colors)
☑ Sculpted Stingray hat (In 5 matching colors)

✰ Stingray Knight ✰
Features include:
☑ Black Leather/Latex V top (Jacket layer) -
5 colors trims included
☑ Sculpted shoulders + arms and gloves
☑ Leather Pants
☑ Belt
☑ White shirt with sculpted collar
☑ Sculpted cloak (With 5 trim colors)
☑ Sculpted Stingray hat (In 5 matching colors)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Sheena Glitter Collection by Designing Nicky Ree

Hi :)

Some of you have been waiting for the new colours for my New Sheena Collection.

Sheena is now available in Sequine or Satin Sets with 9 colours to choose from.
Displayed in my main store in Tropical Orchid, on the red carpet runway stage.

This sets gives you many options for mixing and matching to create different styles for the skirts. Dress it up cute with a mini or a long elegant formal for that glamour touch.

Best regards
Nicky Ree

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New releases today @ Barerose Tokyo 10/14/09

❤ Malico ❤
The dress is designed with beautiful denim material
and includes 3 colors Dark Blue/Black/Light Blue
Features sculpted collar, shoulders, and buttons, belted
skirt, stockings, and choker!

❤ Masculine Drive ❤
Features include:
[✔] Open design vest/shirt
[✔] Sculpted prim jacket with shoulder/collar/arms
[✔] Low rise pants
[✔] Matching hat
[✔] Beautiful necklace
[✔] And additional jacket with built in pose shown on ad.

★ Patch Mage ★
This is the matching release for Patch Witch previously released .
[✔] Mage base clothing (skirting/belt, top, pants)
Includes 3 colors Red/Blue/Green
[✔] Cloak
[✔] Sculpted prim collar, arm + sleeve pieces
[✔] Mage shoes
[✔] Sculpted hats (3 colors)
[✔] And lastly, 2 different brooms one to hold and one
that you can actually sit on (includes built in pose)

★ Kongou ★
This is a Japanese Gaurdian outfit featuring loincloth skirting,
unique arm and shoulderpiece, arm and ankle bands, necklace,
pants, and 2 poses!
Also includes both white and black versions!

❤ Halloween Mini Kimono ❤
For Halloween June is offering a free mini kimono, available
in our freebie section of the main store

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's New @ Idiosyncrasy

New vendors, a new skin and Halloween's very nearly here!!! I've wanted to update my RP skins for a bit, they look dated now compared to the new stuff I've been doing. So I started with the doll skins, 7 yummy makeups, and a makeup free version to choose from. Look out for news on Halloween goodies!!
<3 Ash

mia doll vendor

Main Store.