Friday, February 29, 2008

What's new @ !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy

Just re-released is Spunky. I've redone the primwork and it's just adorable. Fun and flirty with just enough whispies! Available in 18 shades, Dark and Light packs, fantasy pack and the everything pack. All hair is still priced at L$199, so come on over to Dixie and get Tamified!

What's New at DaeSkins??

Lots is happening at DaeSkins in the last and next 24 hours! First off: made especially for the opening of Malone Sands [re]collections in Caledon Penzance, DaeSkins has featured 2 new Victorian Styled Dresses inspired by the late 19th Century Louis Comfort's work in stained glass.

In addition we have some backwoods renditions, after an altercation with a couch in the now infamous Lo Lo Bayou- "teh cuplret" seems to have been identified and snatched by known designer Daequix Scarborough for use in her new outfit titled "Someone Shot the Sofa". Per Ms. Scarborough's explanation, the delay in shipments of fabric called for desperate measures!

Just released following the Heist: a down home ensemble of bodice, capris, cutoff shorts and pants length trousers in a wonderful sofa inspired pattern! What more could one ask for!?
Available at Lo Lo

What's New @ Caroline's Jewelry

Subtle 3 Strand Pearl Chokers are new at Caroline's Jewelry. This classic piece is available in both Black or White Pearl. The beautiful strands come together in the back with a delicate hook clasp that is available in gold or silver. Add an oval Cameo to the front for a more vintage look. With eight cameo faces you will find one to fit your individual fashion style.

The chokers are named Apollo and Artemis. How did I come about these names? Which goddess are you quiz. I am Artemis and her twin brother is Apollo. Leave me a note with which goddess you are.

teleport to Caroline's Jewelry

Mischievous ★Stellar Designs★

This fun lil punky set is available on the right side of the womens store (new items shelves) tonight.
Mischievous includes the half zipped top (made up of 2 parts, shirt & skirt layers) with an optional flex prim, checked leggings, shredded wristwraps, sculpted wristwraps and a sculpted hood.

Have a great weekend!

3 new outfits @ Barerose Tokyo 1 for the ladies and 2 for the guys

1 new dress out today for the ladies called "Operetta-Earl's Ivory Daughter"
This is a pretty Ivory Loli dress that features several variations, Long freilly and lace skirt,Mini skirt and no skirt. Also includes stockings, sculpted bonnet, arms and ribbons.

For the guys we have "Double Waist Denim" this jean and sculpted hoody set includes 4colors of pants, 3 colors of hooded shirts, and bonus necklace.

Also for the guys "Hell Fire" features 2 colors of camo pants, 3 colors of sculpted jackets, belt , necklace, gloves, and bonus body tattoo.(Jacket is completly sculpted so please try on demo first to see the fit) <3
As always you can find these at our new release section at the front of the store <3

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

All of Barerose Tokyo's releases can be seen here
Tori's Blog

Thursday, February 28, 2008

~*~DamselFly~*~ New Mens Hectic Hair

Newest hair out from the DamselFly line is called Hectic.
Very realistic cut for all the men. It is available in 125 different colors. Hectic is part sculpted and also flexi! Hectic has a very soft realistic look to it. It can be purchased in packs of 4, big packs of blondes,reds,brunettes,blacks, or funkys, or the phat pack of 125.

It also has a new scripted Hair Resizer Menu built in so no more having to stretch and pull till your blue in the face! Easy touch hair, menu comes up and you choose to either increase or decrease the size of the hair.

Skin worn is from DragonFly Skins for Life line Sean Caucasian After Five Soul

The Hectic for Men DragonFly Oasis in the Damselfly Hair Shop located at: Oasis/110/43/26

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are adding to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!

You can also check out our blog at:

New Gargoyle sculpted statues and shoulder pet @ Barerose Tokyo

June made some wonderful Gargoyle statues and shoulder pet today :)
You can see the 2 sizes that you get of statues and also the cute shoulder pet in all the pictures <3

As always you can find these at our new release section at the front of the store <3

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

What's New at The HUB

Mod Print Tops at The HUB: Fun and funky geometric print on a black background, in 6 different fresh color combinations. Includes 2 styles, one with a faux black tank underneath, in all available layer options.

Available now in our main store in Linji, on the table next to the new release board.

2 more beautiful dresses today @ Barerose Tokyo

Just released today 2 more beautiful dresses @ Barerose Tokyo

"Anne" is a pretty Victorian styled sculpted dress with 2 styles of skirts , sculpted neckpiece , and capri pants.
Included are 5 different colors <3

"Djelem" is a peasant style dress with poofy sculpted sleeves on the top, flowing skirts with bottom lace, bonus necklace and shawl included.
Includes 5 colors of shirts and 3 colors of skirts for lots of variations.

Both can be seen here:
Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's New @ Kouse's Sanctum

Two very whimsical full prim tiaras are now up in Kouse's Sanctum at the main store. Named after Elentari, the Queen of the Stars, these tiaras are scripted for menu driven gem change. A total of nine gems to choose from including:


Prim count is 124 prims each.

Kouse's Sanctum:

Whats new @ FUEL

That time again folks!!!

And yes shoe'ssss! I'm getting so much positive feedback from my shoesies it's becoming my favourite SL hobby now :D.

So here to share with you, an item already made for spring ...BamBee Wedges.

These cute wedges come in many colours and also a few different textures also.
Named after sweeties, these are ideal for any outfit.

Click this to TP to FUEL

What's New @ Kitchy Boutique?

Kitchy Boutique, Beryllium (29, 162, 22)

Are you an 80's fan? Yeah, me too. ;) That's why i created this outfit for guys inspired by an 80's legend - Steve Perry of Journey. Get you're groove on in a leopard print vneck tshirt, ripped jeans, and a tuxedo jacket! Time to go sing karaoke!

This release is only available for a limited time, so come snatch it up!

Harajuku Punk Furs

If you know anything about Harajuku fashion it's that they love to use vibrant colors. Two of the other mainstays are leg warmers and fur. The fur can be anything from wild two tones to small touches of good fake fur. Here's my take on some of the punk furs.
I've done two series. The first being some of the wild colors you'd see there. The second a more toned down natural look.
The vibrants come in pink, blue, teal and purple. The naturals are in a white, black and mink.
Each set includes a soft flexible fur prim jacket that comes in 5 parts, the anti-glitch jacket that comes on two different layers, a cute plaid belted mini, anti-glitch skirt shorts and finally a pair of soft fuzzy leg warmers with an anti-glitch pair of socks.
The leg warmers are a great way to dress up a pair of chunky shoes or the foot part of most boots to make them look like fur topped boots.
I've pictured four of the seven here.
You can find them only at the main store of Ookami Ningen. Each set is modify, copy and no transfer and sells for 300L.

CARGO SHORTS @ Stellar Designs

Cute lil cargo shorts with sculpted prim cuffs and flexi strings.
Eight colors to choose from, sold individually or the 8 pack and each pair comes with a free black tee!
They're on the new item shelves in the center of the womens shop.
(click for larger images)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

::New::@Lavish Style

New babydoll lingerie sets available @Lavish Style main store in Oslar.
-->[url],come[/url] chek it out!Hope you like it.

What's New @ [Renegade]

This is what we call a lazy update.
Plain, simple, average, Denzel Washington... these packs are for people who just want a little function and not alot of flash at not alot of foney. I couldn't think of anything to describe price that starts with an "f", shut up.
The colors on the sweaters are nice and dull, so you can blend into a crowd well. The halters are gaudy as hell if you want to blend into a clown crowd, instead.

Drop by [Renegade] and pick up a set.

Fiscal, I should have used that...

What's New @ Ali - Witchcraft Wristwatch

WitchcraftI've been waiting impatiently for this one! Another grand confluence of elegant style and clever scripting gives you a wristwatch you don't have to zoom in on to read its face! Instead, chat up the watch and have it project the clockface on the ground beneath your avatar! In changing colors and unmistakable readability is the time of day!

Yes, this is yet another way an accessory allows you innocently to call attention to yourself ... and who knows? Maybe Mr or Ms Right will be able to recall the very hour your eyes locked and history began!

When you do zoom in on the watch it's a beautiful analog timepiece keyed to SL time with strappy wristband and silver clockface.

Type /101 time and the clockface will be projected on the ground for 60 seconds before timing out. To change the time setting from the SLT default of "-8" you can Edit the watch and replace the "-8" with the number that represents you timezone, if that is what you desire.

For this and other similar items, visit Ali's newly redesigned store in Second Mirage or her new store at Bayside Beach Galleria.

Or go online to SLExchange or on Rez.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Arabella @ Draconic Kiss

Arabella is a spunky little getup.
It comes with 2 full outfits and is available in 6 colors.

The dress Is a schoolgirl type blouse with silk tie and a black damask corsetted top with lace accented skirt. The corset has colored cross detailing on the front and zipper back. It is matched with striped stockings that stop just below the knee and a cute mini top hat with ribbon and bow.

There is also a complete undergarment set. It includes a black laced bra and black shorts. Also with the undergarments is a knit cami with butterfly print on the front. These fit discreetly under the entire dress or wear separately.

Arabella is available now at my main store in Koreshan as well as my satellite shop inBabbage Square.

What's New @ Bodies by Oh!

Bodies by Oh! is excited to announce the release of a new pair of high heels. Available in two styles, rounded toe and pointy toe, the "Dream" high heels are available at the Givenchi location now. Currently available in three colors, black, blue, and red, they will soon be available in a larger selection of textures and colors. Please stop in and check them out.

Bodies by Oh!
Givenchi Garment District