Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's New at Haute Style & Co.?

Some fun and exciting outfits are being released for Haute Style & Co.'s spring line.
Come check out all the new things being released.

Wedding Edition Gown @ The Body Politik

Special Wedding Edition of our Fairy Tale Fantasy Gown done by request. Includes gown, choker and bouquet with holding pose. Color change bows, ribbons and roses. Enjoy!

caLLie cLine jeans. floral 1/2 washes... 12 yummy colors

click on photos to see larger more detailed images.

all 12 washes.... from brights to muted to basic

yay more new jeans!!! i'm so happy to add these what i call "1/2 washes" to the others i put out earlier in the month. they come on underwear and pants layers so you can wear your tats or tuck them into your favorite boots, etc. at my shop on the left display wall as you walk in my store :)

enjoy!!! more "1/2" washes coming soon... just trying to get out other stuff first :)



Monday, March 30, 2009

2 new releases for the girls today @ Barerose Tokyo

Beautiful cute goth Mini dress featuring plaid and black fabrics.
Includes top with sculpted parts, mini skirt, sculpted belt, matching bag, collar, stockings w/garters, and matching headband!
Includes 3 different colors!

Beautiful Angelic outfit featuring prismatic colored Robe with Lotus blossom prints, flowing arms and skirt, unique wings with light particles, headpiece, and particle feet attachments.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

DE Designs DEvinci Boots

About 2 weeks ago I decided that I needed to bring something new to DE Designs, something completely different for me. So I started this little project from the ground up and after a lot of trial and error, a handful of Advil and lots of classical music (to calm my nerves). I would like to present DEvinci Boots.

The boots come in 4 different themes:

- Black Leather
- Brown Suede
- Snake Skin
- Leopard Print

The boots are on display and a demo is available.
A fat pack of all 4 is available at 50% off.
Resize Script included.

Also available here on Xstreet
DE Designs Blog
Teleport to DE Designs here

What's New @ Cupcakes?

Today we have some shapes and eyes for you! The shapes are shown in our brand new skin line, Seduction! Come check them out! TELEPORT

What's New @ Cupcakes?

Have you heard? Cupcakes has another great line of skins called Seduction. There are 8 tones available and 10 makeups per tone. Come try on some demos! You can also find this skin as a group gift, available to group members only. TELEPORT

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whats new@ DeLa*

-Olga long dress
Long mermaid shilhouette dresses are fabulous.
Simple yet classy.

-Olga mini dress
On the other hand, mini feather dresses are so pretty and can swing for dancing.
They have two colors of skirt and look very fresh.

For cherry bloosom season, we made Olga mini in Barbie Pink.

New couples outfit @ Barerose Tokyo

❤Dragon Arts❤ + ★Enter The Dragon Arts★
June made these very cool fighting outfits
Both include detailed top and pants,For the ladies open styled tied skirt + matching leggings, sculpted collar arms, legs and shoulders, unique back sword and flag attachment, and bonus tattoos!
The outfit includes all 4 colors shown!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whats new @ TART

Lots of news today!

TART has recently moved to her own sim! yay!
And to celebrate we're having a half off sale on TART gift cards. purchase a card, and get double linden value on the card!

We also have a few new releases, newest being..

Mia in gray

Also available in 5 other spring ready colors

Visit TART in her new location

buy TART from SLX

Coming Soon to DE Designs

Coming Soon

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Available at:

Don't forget to add your pictures to Flickr.

Competitions coming soon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Whats New @ Staged Skin and Fashion (3-27-09)

New Skins and clothing have been comming out in the past few weeks. First there was the skin Kristin followed by the Summer Suit Set and the Ashia Skin released just yesterday.

Kristin is a unique beauty, cute features, expressive eyes.

Here are Kristins make-up options. Plenty of looks from natural to high fashion.

The next release was the summer suit sets! These come in tons of colors (8 colors to be exact : Black, Beige, Dark Brown, White, Blue, Green, Red and Purple).

This suit comes in tons of options, Shorts, pants, tank, jacket (all layers) with taupe leggings included. Sculpted prim cuffs and a light linen texture this is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe.

Last new release was the Ashia Skins set. This skin is a deep tan that has an exotic feel to it. Sultry eyes and pouty perfect lips.

This shows the make-up options from natural to runway! Lots of looks so you won't get bored.

Ashia in Mystic Make-up (close up)

I included a link to my store...hope it works my first attempt at this!

Staged Skin and Fashion

Hope you stop by and see all the other things we have at Staged Skin and Fashion.

-Dezi Jarvinen
(Owner and Creator of Staged Skin and Fashion)

Barerose Tokyo's Bunny hunt prize

Barerose Tokyo is participating in the grid wide bunny hunt this year and this is the prize you can find from Barerose <3
You can find more info by coming to the store and clicking on the Bunny Hunt poster in the front of the store =)

New Items!

New cuties @Lavish Style
Come visit our main store in Oslar.

2 new releases today @ Barerose Tokyo

New today and just in time for Easter ❤Denim Lop Eared❤
Features miniskirt and bustier in 3 different colors, leg+armwarmers (3 colors),matching bunny ears for each color, bowtie/collar (3 colors), and fluffy bunny tail!

☆Firestarter Boy☆
June made the matching set to Firestarter released previosly for the girls
☆Firestarter Boy☆ is a fun skatebaorder outfit featuring printed tees (3 colors),pants, Prim jackets (5 colors), Necklace , Eyepatch cloth, goggles, sculpted belt, arm and knee pads , and sculpted holdeable skateboards( 2 colors)!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Thursday, March 26, 2009


hey! some new jeans in 9 new washes... they fit perfectly and look great on any body shape. more new washes coming this week! at my main store in caLLiefornia and they come with a "gift with purchase" tucked inside (tintable logo tee) and come on both underwear and pant layers :)

enjoy! xoxo, caLLie

Tattoo'd Wedge Shoes @ Stellar

Sculpted high wedge shoes with heart/skull tattoos on the cork heel & a cute flex ankle tie.
There are 7 bandanna fabric colors and I did one different leopard fabric because I adore leopard & tattoos together.
They're in the Stellar Shoe Store across the street from the Womens Store.
Come try the demo :)
::::: The female pirate avatar pack from the clothing fair is now available in the main store clothing section. Thank you to everyone who bought it at the fair, all the proceeds went to cancer research!
You can still donate, every little bit helps, just look for the donation points in the store. I am also working on new RFL items!

Also new are 3 tops: cropped knit vest, sequin top and sweet vintage top.

new tops

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Devilish Cupcake Strikes Again!!!

Devilish Cupcake is back! Come see our great new outfits!!!

Our new store!!!

Plus amazing prices on old favs!!!

All our outfits are transfer and make great gifts!