Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's New @ Kitchy Boutique

KITCHY/UOMO is now Kitchy Boutique! Same sim, slightly different front entrance, but your old landmarks should work just fine. :) Here is the new SLurl:

Kitchy Boutique, Beryllium (126, 244, 22)

School has - unfortunately - taken over my life once again, and instead of making all you fashion crazed maniacs (and i mean that in the nicest possible way, lol) out there suffer, i have decided to consolidate and simplify! I have drastically reduced my inventory, and will have less frequent releases for the time being. The new store is stylish and smaller, i think you'll find it easier to navigate your way around. :) 10% off new releases for group members is still active...that being said..i have 3 new releases, 2 for girls, 1 for guys.

Ladies, a solution for your preppy side! This new outfit is aptly named Prep, and comes with a plaid jacket, undertank, black jeans, and prim cuffs!

Thank goodness for SL, where we can wear slinky floral dresses even when it's snowing and below zero in RL! Such is the inspiration for my newest release Tropic! A gorgeous satiny formal gown with tropical floral print, comes in red, purple, orange, and blue. SKIRTFLOW! prim skirts included!

Men, a new release a bit apart from the norm. Shabby has a frilled tuxedo styled dress shirt and plaid pants! You definitely can't hide in this outfit! ;)

sf design hiking shoes and free prim socks

After making sf design 'rambler' i was requested to put the prim socks for sale on their own - I've made a pack of 6 colours both male and female versions and they are at the store FREE make sure you pick up your pack next time you are at Innisfree or Lotus.

The hiking boots from sf design 'rambler' are now available separately in small, medium and large sizes. Demo boots are available at the store to establish your size.

What's New @ Another Fundraiser

A New skin has been added to the Another fundraiser locations

Locations One

Location Two

Location Three

The new skin is by Whimsy Winx and is a Dennis Loser skin with appropriate LOSER in red lettering across the forehead lol lots of fun and giggles and by no means are we alluding to that anyone called Dennis is one :P

Hope you can all pop back and grab it, and those that haven't been yet need to hurry it all ends Sunday but more planned so stay tuned

xoxo Sasy xoxo

Amore Layered Tee :FREE: @ Stellar Designs

I was asked to make one of my layered tees for Valentine's Day, so here it is! It comes with a tucked & untucked version and it's available at the front desk of the womens & mens shops since it is unisex. BUT... my Stellar Designs group got it for free along with a really cute matching Amore sculpted latex balloon.
Not a member of the group? What are you waiting for??! :)

Whats new @Fuel


Fuel fuel fuel fuel fuel Freeebies!

Happy fashcon rez dayyy ( which was yesterday , I just had to sleep, so couldn't update blogs!!!!)
My leggings seem to be sooo popular , so I've braved my oddly lagged sl and brought out 2 pairs of FREE leggings!

* One for the cheeky minx's on valentine's and one just for those who have a legging fetish!!!!
Oh and you better wear something ontop like a thong or shorts , unless you want to see some
naughty ness hehe!

* And onto the Stitched Leggings for the more gritty people who cant stand V day!! :D

And in 2 layers!

So Pop down! Leggings are right in front on the table surrounded by all the light heheh.

Here's a little picture so you all know what your getting!!

Scoffs all the rezz day cake!!! \O/

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new update from SF Design

Although one of my most popular outfits this stylish classic needed an overhaul - its 2 years old! After a customer pointed out a couple of things he wasnt happy with i have endeavoured to improve seams and texture, completely new pants , a prim colour change bowtie with prim wing tips for the collar. It still comes with the black buckled dress shoes and is still 300 lindens!
If you have bought the old version of this item you can return it to swaffette Firefly for your free update.

sorry guys the car or the gun dont come with the tux :P

Model :- Daryl Watanabe

Ravenwear is holding a contest for new Designers

Thats right we want to do our part to support the new talent in SL! If you are a designer of clothing, skin, hair, shoes or accessories please send me a folder with some pics of your designs, information on how long you have been creating, a notecard with a lm to your current store, what you make, and any other info you would like to put in it. You may send samples if you like that is up to you. Please name the folder Designer Contest *your name* and drop it on me before February 4th.

The first prize winner will have a custom shop that has yet to be unveiled and 150 prims to use to place their items or decorate the shop with! They will also have their own landing parcel. You will also be advertised on my blog and to the group when they move in. This shop space will be free for six months after that we will discuss further occupation of the shop

This contest is for designers that have started their stores no more than 2 months ago and do not have a main shop in secondlife yet. Main shopping being defined as a store that has a landing point that goes directly to their shop. You can create mens, womens, avatars, hair, skins, clothing, jewelry etc etc. You must sell your own designs no business in a box stores allowed.

Raven Lament

*Free* Valentines Skin @ Tori-Wear

Hi Everyone , as a thank you to my customers and friends I made a valentines skin from the Lfo skin base and am offering it free in my main store .
I decided to make a tan skin with red makeup and added a cute heart on one cheek with the Kanji for "Love" inside it.
<3 Tori
You can find it at my main store location
Main Location

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's New @ Ali

Simple but striking designs with the clever addition of scripts is the hallmark of Ali's work, and the Simple Chic Set is a true showcase of her talent. She has included two great lamps to shed light on a clever coffee table that can appear as cluttered or uncluttered as you like, while remaining quite elegant!But you'll love the clutter: A teacup you can take and wear, and since it's animated, you can drink from it. You can rez a picture book you can click on and flip through. It has drawers that open, revealing magazines. Finally, it can rez a picture frame into which you can add your own texture.

The rest of the set continues to combine scripts with Ali's impeccable taste with a couch offering a variety of poses (four sets that you cycle through) for any mood that strikes you and a friend. Finally there's the matching recliner that lets you put your feet up and nap or sit upright to converse with friends. In all, you get matching couch and recliner, two lamps, the coffee table, PLUS a rug exclusive to the set. For this and other similar items, visit 'Ali' in Second Mirage. You can go to SL Exchange or onRez to purchase them, as well.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Whats new @ Fuel

Tp to Fuel

Hellloo people!
It's finally time... all that tping to the new store wondering why you cant buy things ,and getting frustrated that its not open yet and you cant get your hands on the new stuff.....
So now you will find me on Aria's Requiem!!

Well now its time to open up shop!

So onto the new releases - I will try to release what I can everyweek but it may be more limited than before, as I have university on now and the work is piling!!!

Anyways enough babble
Here is buttons!! the battered teddy who just needs some loving :( so give it to him ??
Hold animation included!

And onto my special boots, So mucccch feedback and praise for my tainted wooly's I decided to do a ' unique' edition consisting of a closed foot this time :)
They are my personal fav's!
Glammed up with rhinestone heel ,these are a must.
Oh and in a few hot colours you'd be once again spoilt for choice :)

So here they are :)

Have fun at my new comfyised shop!

<3 sandy

STARGAZED @ Stellar Designs

New on the ladies shelves in the center of the store is Stargazed, which comes in 6 color choices. Each set comes with the sweater (tucked & untucked), leather skirt, sculpted skirt prim, sleeve extenders. Each color is sold separately or pick up the 6 pack and save lotsa $$

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's New @ Another Fundraiser

first off the wonderful team at ihearts has added us as their spotlight on both their grid site and fashion site for feeds, which is just realy wonderful for them to do HUGS*

I just wanted to let everyone know that 2days in and the event us a HUGE success, I rambled a bit on the official site but wanted to make sure you all knew that there are two locations at the Masterpiece Sim thanks to Luicee, and I am hoping to set up a third tomorrow at some stage, will keep you posted on that.

Location One

Location Two

Thank you to everyone that has been by its been an incredible response and the IM's I've been getting have been so wonderful.

xoxox Sasy xoxo

What's New @ [Renegade]

I know, shut up...
What if someone just wants the jeans? Or if yellow ain't their color? Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so I'm ripping myself off. Behold! Creative Masturbation!

Come get some at [Renegade]

What's new @ Bewitched Hair

18 Styles were released yesterday @ Bewitched Hair, shown here are 5 of them.You can check these out in person at the main shop on Lemon Island or send an IM to Sheltered heart or FallinMy Webb for a group invite and you can grab the group gift pack from the past notices. You can also join the subscribe 'o' matic which is located in the main hall of the shop and then click it again to get the gift sent out. There is something for everyone here.
Also don't forget to check out the other vendors on the island, with products from clothing, shoes and jewellery to fantasy skins and shapes.

Dreamers @ Trixie's Treasures

Here’s my newest set, Dreamers. It’s a variation on a dreamcatcher, done in silver and black with 8 stone/gem combinations. Each Dreamers set contains a necklace, earrings and bracelet.
Trixie's Treasures

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss SL Costa Rica Memento Sets - Platinum & Gold @ Alienbear's Designs

Four sets of Miss SL Costa Rica (2 Platinum & 2 gold) now available for sell at Alienbear Design main store, Le'bear Castle & 2/F of BijouxOr Design main store, Le'bear Castle now. Each set including Memento crown, Necklace & Earrings. Here are the close up pictures of each pieces:-

Miss Costa Rica Volcano Set

Miss Costa Rica Sleeping Volcano Set

GOLD Miss Costa Rica Volcano Set

GOLD Miss Costa Rica Sleeping Volcano Set

Start from today till 14 Feb 2008 sl time, all MEMBERS can buy these sets at 50% off discount at Member Discount Shop.

** Remember! If you want to buy it in discount price, you must buy from MEMBER SHOP!!! Since it is already in discount price & just for member so the discount sets can't buy by giftcard. No refund if you accidentally bought them in original price! so don't miss this discount!!

Whats new @ Bewitched Hair

There is 18 styles out today, (here's a peek at the first 5)..3 men's and 15 women's (a few of them are unisex though). There is a little bit of everything in this one. Each style is in its corresponding sections, each pack is 195, everything packs are 750 and the demos are 1L. We will have staff in the shop off and on for most of the day or questions concerning the new styles can be directed to one of the store managers Lyselle Munro or FallinMy Webb...or ME!! Also don't forget to join the group or to spank the subscribe 'o' matic TP get updates and the group gift we send out for every release

Bewitched Hair main store