Monday, October 12, 2009

DE Designs Intruder 09

In 2007 I did a design called Intruder. It was one of my favorite and best selling designs. I wanted to rework and update this design. Intruder 09 has many more wearable options than the original. The top/shirt, for both ladies and men, have been redesigned and all the shadowing and texturing in the outfit reworked to how I do things today. I created sculpted accessories for the finishing touch. Three colors are available for the ladies and men as well as a multi-pack for 50% off.

With the release of Intruder 09, the original Intruder has been retired.

Ladies Includes: Pants(all layers), Shorts(all layers), Belted undies(all layers), Top(shirt, undershirt layers), Jacket, Gauntlets, Sculpted neck wrap for both top and jacket, Sculpted pant cuffs.

Men's Includes: Pants (all layers), Pants (for sculpt cuffs), Shirt w/sleeves(shirt, undershirt layers), Sleeveless Shirt (shirt, undershirt layers), Gauntlets, Sculpted bell shirt sleeves, neck wrap for jacket and pant cuffs.

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