Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's New @ Cupcakes?

Cupcakes is currently looking for a full permission skin buyer for our Celebrity and Gemini skin lines. Contact MIRO Mimulus for details.

Cupcakes has released our Birthday Suit skin line full permission, for resale! Each tone is $L1000. The package includes the full permission TGA files as well as the in world skins. You are allowed to modify and resell these as you wish. Come check out the demos and read the notecard for details!

Daydream is here! There are 7 skin tones so far and 3 darker tones to come! Currently there are 15 makeups with more on the way. Fatpacks are on sale for L$3000/per 10 makeups or L$1500/per 5 makeups. We currently offer 2 gift bags (L$250/each) in the front of the store.

Gift bags are still here! There are 17 gift bags total. Each bag includes the full tone range of the skin line shown in 1 makeup, clothing, eyes and shape shown! They are an unbeatable deal and are only available for a limited time. L$250/each