Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Sale!

Holiday Sale!

RH and I have marked a crazy boatload of stuff that is "RED and GREEN" in the store to 100L! This sale will go till the day after Christmas. Come find what those items are! There are a few items that have been marked down below 100L even. This sale includes all formal and jewelry. This sale will not include new items or Rebel Packs. This also does not include OnRez and SL Exchange.

Please be sure to grab the free gifts by the front door as well. If there are any no transfer items for formal that you would like to gift to someone please drop me a notecard with their name, the items requested and pay my profile direct. I'll verify sale and deliver the items for you.

See you here!

RH and Rebel

Monarch Bay <~~~click here for a direct teleport