Friday, September 25, 2009

Yarrr .. Barerose Tokyo Pirate outfits + 2 freebies

❤ Pirate Princess Type 2 ❤
Includes shirt W/ruffled collar, Jacket W/skull print
(4 colors), belt, mini skirt, stockings, pirate hat (2 Colors),
gloves, and even includes boots!

☠ Pirate Prince ☠
Featuring really detailed shirt with lace cumberbun, leather pants , gloves , pirate hat (2 colors), long pirate coat (4 colors), and boots!

✘ Free Neko Ashi ✘
Sculpted Neko/Kitty feet! (Available in the Free section of the store)

Lastly another free item ✘ Moving Shoulders When You Fly ✘
(Available in the Free section of the store)
This Attachment (Right Ear) allows your shoulders to move and animate your wings when ever you fly.
Standing it turns off, and when you fly automatically activates!
Can use with any wings but works best with shoulder attached wings.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo