Sunday, September 6, 2009

5 new releases @ Barerose Tokyo

★Neo Jersey★ + ♥Neko Jersey♥
These wonderful outfits feature pants with unique checker trims, Skull print jackets with collar and lots of zippers, belt, and matching kitty ear neko cap.
The Womens version also includes checkered skirts =)
3 different trim colors are included.

Beautiful goth loli dress in 2 versions (Normal + bloody edition)
Automata Tereezu was inspried from a novel in Japan.
The story is about murder case and the murderess is the doll.
The outfit includes goth loli styled dress with white sculpted sleeve shirt, beautiful lace skirt, stockings, apron, gloves and headpiece .
The set also includes a fullsize display case to be doll.

❤ Black Seraph ❤
Featuring Black angelic robe and beautifully textured 4 piece feathered wings.
Also includes 6 colors of trim for the sash and shawl + arm and legbands , and halo!

★Warlock Type 2★
(Matching set to the womens verions previosly released)
Features include unique colorful textures , sculpted shoulders, arms, circlet, skirting, boots, gloves, 5 different cloak colors, Magic spell book, and staff!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo