Friday, September 18, 2009

SpaceJunky Crystal City grand opening /New releases @ Barerose Tokyo

The rebuild of SpaceJunky Island is complete!
They have a brand new Crystal City on the island incuding a new club , stores and a fantastic new build.
Theres many events today including a concert by the band @ 7 pm Sl time. 9/18/09
Concert Loacation
SpaceJunky Concert 7 P.m. Sl time

June's Barerose Branch in the Crystal City is now open as well!
For the grand opening we have 2 new items

First: a Spacejunky island exclusive ❤ Purple Tennyo ❤
The design is inspired by Japanese buddism, the word Tennyo means Angel =)
The design definately shows this with glowing pieces around your neck, shoulders, arms , and skirting.
Also includes necklace and 2 versions, Purple and Colored!
and includes options for more revealing look .

This will only be availabe at the Barerose Tokyo branch here.

Second we have a New free outfit available only @ the Barerose Branch @ Crystal city
❤ Purple Alpha Suits ❤
Features beautiful multicolored body suit with intricate designs.

Barerose Tokyo Spacejunky Island Crystal City Branch