Friday, November 7, 2008

4 Year Anniversary - Outfit

First thing I want to do is thank everyone for the support shown to DE Designs over the years. From the bloggers to the simple notes passed to me, I want to thank you. Most of all I want to thank the customers. Without you, this simply wouldn’t be possible.

This anniversary outfit goes back to my grass roots style of designing where it all started.

The Ladies includes - Top, Gloves and Dress. Sculpted top ruffles (2 attachment points for use with other outfits), Sculpted glove accents, waist belt (2 colors black and Gold) and flex dress.

The Men’s includes - Long Sleeve Shirt, Short Sleeve Shirt, Gold Vest (alone), Black Vest (alone), Coat (alone), Coat with Gold Vest, Coat with Black Vest, Pants and Pants for sculpted cuffs. Sculpted Shirt Cuffs, Coat Sleeves and Pant Cuffs.

Again, thank you and I am looking forward to year 5


Available on SLex and Onrez.
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