Monday, November 17, 2008

sf design new releases at High Society

The new branch of sf design - High Society is now open - housing all the formal attire from SF Design , it also boasts a conservatory ballroom and sea view terrace for you to try out your new gowns and tuxes :)
We have 3 new releases - first the sf design courtesan gown in either gold or silver -
Once again Elle of Heavenly Corsets has allowed me to use her corset design for the top of my gown, (you can buy them in rl here )The corset comes with flexi laces at the back and lace shawl option, it creates such a beautiful femine silouhette I wanted to do the same with the skirt , it flows down the body and out from a sculpted bustle in an embroidered brocade of black and gold or black and silver. The gown comes with its own renaissance style sculpted ballroom slippers with sexy walk option.
Model :- Melinda Jensen ( Hair by Sky Everett)

To match I used the same brocade in the gentlemens Hamilton tux - the brocade vest has the option to be longer textured on the pants , the coat has flexi or textured options. There is a choice of bowtie or tie,the shirt is subtly overlaid with the same gold pattern and finished off with sculpted collars ,plus leg prims to make longer pant legs.

Model: - Dice Stonebender

Finally we have the Rockerfella sets - dress shirts and pants with plenty of options - buttoned and unbuttoned shirts, tucked and untucked, tied or flexi loose bowtie for that after party look. with original sf design sculpted shirt cuffs with cufflinks in 2 sizes.

All mod/trans . These sets come in 3 pastel colours - mauve, blue and pink, or in white.

Model :-Daryl Watanabe