Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's new at !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy

Big release today for *~OT~*WesternGear! We have quite a few new releases in our western line. Dresses, bandanas, more boots, and I've updated all the previous releases to include sculpted pieces. First up is the Denim Dress. Included in the dress is a sculpted collar, bandana and cuffs for the sleeves. Also there is a prim belt and flex skirt. It comes in three colors (red, grey and pink) all with exact matching boots sold separately or in packs. As I said there are four new colors of boots, (red, light grey, tan, and light pink). Another dress in tan suede (with matching (tan) boots as well. These are all avalaible in packs or as separates for your shopping convenience :) All the previous releases, (Country Gurl, Western Gurl, Rebel Gurl and Mary Ann) have been updated to include sculpted belts, collars, cuffs for the pants and sleeves for the tops. Again matching boots are available for all of these sets. So you cowboys won't feel left out, I'll let you know I am working on men's releases to be coming (hopefully) next week. Don't forget I recently released two new hairstyles with cowboy hats included in the design. They have color change via the TamiHud so you can match to any outfit. They're all for sale exclusively at The Silver Dollar Saloon and !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy both in Dixie.
*~OT~*WesternGear is a combined effort of Tami McCoy and October Brotherhood.
To conserve space I've only added pictures of the multi packs, but all are available for purchase as single packs as well. Thanks for looking, we hope you have a great weekend!!