Thursday, November 20, 2008

whats new @ TART

I've been a bit lazy with the bloggin as of late, but I've still been workin away in photoshop updating some old favs, and puttin out some new goodies.

First the updates..These items were put out last year, and i've done some retouches to fix seam promlems, and some great new color options.


Butterfly tops

The new releases were inspired by my closest friend Reeann Frost, who constantly complained that she couldn't find a good bewb crop top. So here u go mami. bewbs! (avail on shirt and jacket layer)

Crop tops in pastel

Crop tops in Basics

Finally I put out some satin corsets that really can be paired with ANYTHING. use em as lingerie, a top, add a sexy ball gown! go to town. Available in purple/green/faded/red/blue/black

Satin Corset in red

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