Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Stuff @ Stellar

"RIOT" comes with the punk'ish outfit, nail head/o-ring choker and a sexy bonus skin that will only be sold with this set. It's in the center of the womens store.

VaVoom flannel shirts - 6 color choices to choose from or pick up the discounted 6 pack (see the rest of the colors here). They're in the center of the womens store.
Like Prizes? I now have 6 lucky chairs (2 in the womens, 2 in the mens, 2 in the tattoo store) that rotate 14 awesome prizes. You'll find some discontinued favorites, some new releases & some that are *my* all time favorites for men & women. I've put the photos here if you'd like to see what they are in advance.
... and last but not least Happy 2009!