Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's new @ Shapes by Zada

There's a new set of the hugely popular Eyefidelity Reflections eyes at Shapes by Zada! The same highly detailed hand drawn Eyefidelity eyes, with the addition of a tiny, but iconic, reflection of an in-world environment that deserves to be seen.

This time around, it's the SL Globe Theater, venue for the SL Shakespeare Company. Not just an amazing virtual reproduction of Shakespeare's theater, but home to some of the most innovative performance art in SL. They are currently running a "Save our Sims" fundraising campaign (see for details) and although the eyes are free, I hope you'll consider making a donation to this important cause.

Those aren't the only new freebies at Shapes by Zada. I've also released a very silly thing which... you'll just have to come and see. I can't explain without spoiling the joke, but it's hilarious, it's straight from the catalog of Acme, and it's free. Come grab one!