Saturday, January 31, 2009

RH Designs Grand Re-Opening

Tonight we'll be transferring from the old store to the new building. We'll be closed for a few hours to get the new building and products in place but it should not be much of a delay. After five months of fuss and fightin we finally got it finished. Sunday February 1st will be our first official full day of business. RH and I have made some beautiful new merchandise for you to come check out. Jewelry, dresses, bridal, lingerie and much more. We are also opening our new Jazz Lounge, Silk Stockings where we'll be having live entertainment at 2pm with Katia Keres and from 6-8 Clarice Karu and Trav McCullough.

We are pretty excited about this change and we hope you'll come join us for the festivities.

Rebel Hope and RH Engel
Rebel Hope Designs, Inc. and RH Engel Jewelry
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