Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's new at DaeSkins: The Great Boobrie! Endangered Species!

The Great Boobrie is a mythical bird of the Scottish Highlands, haunting lakes and salt wells...similar in markings to the Great Northern Div......umm, wait. (spell check time) Heh.....k, I meant the great Boobie. Ooops?
Okay...I guess I can now say I've been a doofus for the cause but: It's for's for the fight against's ONLY 100 Lindens- now available at DaeSkins now (along with some other great RFL offerings and semi normal products!

Please come check ALL our Relay for Life items at DaeSkins/Second Thoughts/Gadget Gear on Lo Lo

Pure Cheesecake/ Pin Up contest deadline approaching!

May 2nd, 2008 at Midnight (SLT) is the final moment for your entry into the Pure Cheesecake Pin Up contest being hosted by Second Thoughts/DaeSkins and Gadget Gear...all for fun.

Prizes! Events! Immortalized Beauty! All in one package! (k...taking off my used car sales hat and just going to talk)

If you're interested just drop by DaeSkins and click on the pic for info!

Ta for now!