Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's New @ INSOLENCE

I am very honoured to introduce today the begining of a new range of the INSOLENCE products.

MISTY LINE is a really, really HOT, new, upscale facet in the INSOLENCE underwear.

Designed for the kinky woman in you,the MISTY LINE ensembles are an attempt to conciliate the fine detailing of my previous releases, with the darker, burning spirit of BDSM clothing.

Each piece is tailored from high quality materials only, exploring dangerous curves to bring you total seduction power. BEWARE !! This is *NOT* exactly what is called PG ! Would you ever get to overheat your partner's heart, or cause traffic crashes, I don't want to be taken for responsible ;)

This first release in the MISTY LINE features black zipped latex outfits, in a definately dominating mood.

Meet the amazingly hot Euterpe Zagoskin and Misty Skjellerup modelling the new releases :

More outfits pictures are available on my blog.

You can find these new items in the freshly opened underground area of the INSOLENCE mainstore :

either walking down the tricky stairs under the main stairs,
using the teleport system located just next the voting station,
or following this SLURL, that will bring you directly to the hot spot.

PS -

These outfits are sold COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER.