Thursday, April 24, 2008

Help the Evil Fairy repent! Help Wheelies!

Evil Fairy;  Great Karma
(click to enlarge)

Sasy Scarborough, everyone's favoritest, bravest little toaster, told me that she needed some products to help her in her quest to help Wheelies. If you missed it, Wheelies is a nightclub in SL for disabled people to hang out and have a great time. They've hit hard times and they need us to show them a little lovin'! My partner has actually met the creator of Wheelies at a UK SL meetup, and we were both sad to hear they've had troubles.

So, step on down to Plenty for Everyone and get yourself an Evil Fairy in a Bottle! She spins, she sprinkles pixie dust, and she talks if you click her. She comes with many dangerously evil sayings, such as, "You know what would look great on you? A system skirt!" BEWARE! Sasy might have a heart of gold, but this little creature doesn't!

But don't take my word on how fun she is! Check this out!

But the best thing about the Evil Fairy in a Bottle is that she's only $L250 and 100% of her proceeds are going to Wheelies! She's only available at Plenty For Everyone, some come on down and get her before she escapes!!!

For good or for awesome,
Thaumata Strangelove