Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's new @ Shapes by Zada

More like "what's recent" at Shapes by Zada, as this one's over a week old now, but I haven't yet had time to blog this one, and it's worth blogging! Just to get the basics out of the way: Mod shape, *five* skins, two pairs of eyes, custom facelighting, three wearable accessories, all for just 1200L! And it's all for Relay for Life. Read on!

"Gothic Chic" is a departure for Shapes by Zada. It's a "character avatar", rather than simply another shape. Which means, as well as containing a modifiable body shape, there are other things in the package to match the character of that shape. There are two pairs of Eyefidelity eyes, a darker version of the popular "Midnight sun" color with a reflection of stars in them, made specifically for this package. (The second pair has a glowy hourglass in the pupils). There's also something new to Shapes by Zada - five skins. I've been working on these a long time, and some of you will have seen a few earlier versions of the skin that I've given out as freebies to my group or handed out to Fashion Consolidated Cafe members when the mood struck me, but this is the first commercial release of the skin, in a lovely pale ivory skin tone. Like most new skins recently, this one started off as an Another Skin mod, but the end result is very different, with a detailed surface texture and the shading almost entirely replaced. Being a shape maker first of all, I've worked hard to place the shading as closely in line with the mesh as possible, making this a very "shape neutral" skin, but also I've tried to make this as realistic as I could without relying on photo sourcing except for one or two details (the ears and belly button).

The "character" part of "character avatar" is an extension of what I do when I make a shape anyway. I always try make a shape with a sense of personality, and this is just taking that a stage further. "Gothic Chic" is a sassy, tomboyish and youthful character, but one with a sense of knowingness about her that hints at a timelessness mystique. She has an inner strength and an outward playfulness. I think you'll find her quite compelling. :)

So, the details. Not just a fully modifiable shape ( in fact 8 versions of the shape, providing a wide range of options for better fits), this also comes with two pairs of unique Eyefidelity eyes and five skins all designed to fit the character and personality of this unique avatar. It also comes with three Shapes by Zada "Personal Lighting System" facelights, one unique to this package, three wearable accessories (hat, circlet and necklace, and a pair of pre-fitted prim eyelashes. You can pick up a demo of the shape and skin at my store to try out, and the entire package is available through the Relay for Life vendor. In case you somehow missed it, that means the entire proceeds of every sale goes to the American Cancer Society.
Click pictures for bigger! Photo credits: Skin, shape, eyes, necklace and lights are all part of the Gothic Chic package. Hair is "Do it yourself" style from Nylon Outfitters, top is "Black lace trim tank" from Soda, Jeans are "Sexy ass jeans black" from Drawmachine, and the wonderful boots and scenery are from The Abyss.