Friday, May 23, 2008

Lace, Stripes and Leather Oh My!

These sexy Leather Pants have sculpted prim pant legs and are just 150L$ a pair. They come in 6 sumptuous colours. There are bonus extra colours in the Brat Pack too with 1/3 off at 600L$!

This beautiful dress was inspired by a real life gown that Victoria Beckham wore to a charity event in New York. I happened to catch a glimpse of it in the newspaper and really wanted to make something similar to wear in SL.
Lacy come in 6 beautiful colours, have 3 skirt options and is just 500L$ a colour or 2000L$ for the Brat Pack. It can be found int he boutique area of Adam n Eve and a demo is provided so you can try before you buy!

Here comes summer, already we’ve had some very warm days in Kent where I live. In the spirit of those hot, bright warm summer days I’m pleased to released this gorgeous, vibrantly coloured dress called vertical for the stripes that texture it! Vertical comes in 6 great colours and has 2 prim skirt options. It can be found in our boutique where there is a demo for yout o try before you buy. Vertical is just 300L$ for each colour and 1200L$ for the Brat Pack of all colours.
So come over and try one, and pick up our new tp HUD from the foyer!

Find them all here: