Friday, May 16, 2008

New @ *AnnaH*

Lyra Blackthorne, from Body Doubles Shapes, asked me to do a SL version of a red dress that Twiggy (if you don't know who Twiggy is, click here) was wearing in one photo she gave me. She only asked me for a similiar "front" of the dress, and I could do whatever I wanted in the back! So, here you have the latest release of *AnnaH*...

For more details, please check my blog here! About the outfits, everything available at Sedna, Tropical Escape, shop.onrez and SL Exchange. The complete outfit only 150L$! The sale is still going on, 'cuz I am busy with a lot of new stuff, and a new store also! Plus I won't be here next week, 'cuz I am going on vacations, so please if you need anything from me, wait till the 25th! Thanks :)