Saturday, May 31, 2008

Polka Dot Robot UNVEILED!

By now, everyone knows that Mikayla & I are always trying to reinvent ourselves & pushing ourselves to do different things. We're definitely at it again! After only 30 days at our expanded location, we've outgrown our space... just in the nick of time BECAUSE....

.....after much encouragement & even more pleading, Mikayla Kohl of Crush Factory & Paisley Poindexter of The Cute Institute have given in to the force known as Polka Dot Robot. We had so much success with our themed collaborations we've taken it up TEN notches & are excited to finally unveil our latest brainchild.

Polka Dot Robot is a collection of prefab buildings for content creators & mall owners. Whether you need a single building or an entire sim worth of stores, PDR is here to serve!

We LOVE to shop but what we don't love is that a lot of the malls out there are the same. We hope that you will come over to our spankin-new sim to not only discover what Polka Dot Robot has to offer, but to also revisit Crush Factory & The Cute Institute.

We want to thank our customers (old & new) for sticking by us while we've had to move. Also on the thank you list would have to be our close friends & other content-creators in our network for pushing us forward with this idea. Your encouragement has lead us to this!

Below is only a FEW pics to give you an idea of what you can find!



Hope to see you at the new sim!

<3 / Paisley & Mikayla