Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whats new @ S.Y.D. by Sy Designs

Some new releases this past week :) Roses dresses with a vintage-esqe feel to it, in brown and green. And the sportive plaid dresses in blue and rose, with cute sculpted hat and bracelets to match.

Also just released: Two loxley gowns, named after my dear friend Loxley Tatham. The gowns come in red and midnight blue, and have several wearing options. Hope you all enjoy!

Up in the mainstore right now ;) Taxi? :P

Lovely resources used often by me in photographs:

Poses: Ana Lutetia, Aphrodite Outlander, LAP (long akward pose)

Skins: Laroki (RAC)

Jewels, hair, and shoes often by: Earthtones Jewels, Tesla shoes, Maitreya shoes, ETD hair