Monday, October 13, 2008

What's New @ Octoberwerks / Paradise Blanket

4 new modules out today!
available separately or as a discount update 4pack
These modules require a Paradise Blanket in order to be used.

The Shooting Gallery Module for the Paradise Blanket

Remember those shooting galleries in the huge arcades where things react when you hit the targets all over the scene? Now you can have your very own!Make sure you bring your friends along for this one! The shooting gallery lets you and your friends be a part of the action with poses and animations that react to the targets being hit!
Napa Valley Spa
It's time to pamper and be pampered.It's time for that mesage.It's time for that relaxing soak in the hot tub.It's time to lay in bed all day with your special someone and make plans for the future.It's time for the Napa Valley Spa module...

The module includes...
* Home and Guest Team Soccer Kits (click on the team lockers when the field is rezzed)(compliments of swaffette Firefly and SF Design)
* Super tough astro-turf playing field. Guaranteed not to tear, shred, bunch up, mildew, roll up, or stain. Will not absorb blood, and teeth fragments are easily vacuumed up.
* One (1) non-collapsible autorezzing soccer ball. Lifetime guarantee. Will not burst even under the roughest game conditions.
* The awesome TREY Stadium, complete with fans and realistic cheering sounds. Named after one of Soccer's most dominant and charismatic players of the modern age (...some guy named Trey). Sounds compliments of Carina Catteneo and CarCat Sound Creations.
* Automatic scoreboard and time keeper. No cheating or manual intervention required. Just dribble, shoot and score!
* Field lighting for nighttime play.
Relax and enjoy beautiful Beijing in this new module for the Paradise Blanket!Fireworks and hidden goodies give you everything you need for you and your friends to explore Beijing and all of it's secrets.