Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whats new this week @ SYSY's

I keep forgetting to post in this blog! grrr@ me. Trying to make this a weekly habbit, a short recap of all news from the past week ;) The rest can be read on my own blog so I won't be annoying the fashion feeds ;)
Anyway, so whats new this week???
Flashback, comes in four colors (pictured here in olive):

Dance with me, comes in three colors (pictured here in red):

The Haunted gown for the special disctouned price untill Halloween:

The Pre release of the Sasha dress, available for just L$1 untill Halloween:

Last but not least (forgot to post this on my own blog), the funkdresses are revamped and added extra layers, and released it in a new color blue :) (groupmembers get this as a special groupgift, i will be deleting the gift from the subscribo tomorrow though :P)

AND....there's ofcourse the HUGE L$99 halloween sale going on untill the end of the month :D
Taxi right here!