Friday, October 17, 2008

Zombie Avatar @ The Body Politik

Scare the crap out of friends, family and strangers alike with The Body Politik's Zombie Avatar!

Being dead has never been so stylish. No detail has been overlooked. The Zombie Avatar currently is available for men but we have a female almost ready to rise from the grave as soon as the serum kicks in.

Take a look at what's included:

- Tintable Zombie Skin (gashes, scrapes, blood, peeling skin....mmmm ladies you know you want him!) Skin also available seperately.
- Modifiable Zombie Shape
- Bald Hair Base for the eyebrows
- A pair of Zombie True Eyes
- Zombie AO HUD which includes various standing animations and a zombie walk
- Ripped Pants (rips caused by his screaming victims, of course)
- 3 different colours of face lights for spooky undead lighting - Red, Green or Blue
- Zombie Sound Pack which randomly plays one of 13 different zombie sounds. 2 versions are included depending on how often you want the avatar to make sounds. Custom made by Max...nows your chance to hear Maxs awesome voice in Zombie form!
- Throbbing Zombie Brain (braaaaiiins!)
- Gaping Mouth Animation

Be the best looking Zombie on the grid this Halloween! Get the Zombie Avatar HERE.

Enjoy your brains
Max ~n~ Polly