Friday, April 3, 2009

Jean Shorts, Tees & Tattoos @ Stellar

(click images to see them larger)
Totally sexy Jean Short Shorts.
10 incredible colors to choose from (or pick up the discounted 10 color pack).
They come on all layers & included belted and no belt versions in each pack.
Simply a MUST HAVE for the summer! They're all in the center of the Womens Store.
Shirt: Stellar (part of the Miami set)
Shoes: Stellar Tattoo'd Wedge Shoes

Some Cap Sleeve Tees to go with the new shorts...

It's a 5 color pack - all layers of clothing PLUS I've put in the perky (mature) shirts in all of the colors as a bonus. They're in the center of the womens store, right in with the shorts :)

....and lastly...
My newest addiction is colorful star tattoos.. especially tattoo sleeves. So, I've started a new StarCrazed Tattoo Series. Series 1-5 are in the center of the Stellar tattoo store and my Xstreet store. Lots more to come soon (including lower tatts).
Here are a few of my favorites... click the images to see them bigger.