Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Adora Spring Dresses and Jewelry

Spring is here and we all need something flirty and fun. Adora dresses include bodice on jacket, shirt and undershirt layer, glitch shorts on pants and undershorts layer as well as flex prim babydoll skirt and mini skirt. Adora comes in four yummy fresh spring colors of blue, fuchsia, purple and red. Prim skirts are mod for easy sizing as well as the other pieces being mod. The bodice is adorned with a sparkle effect and diamond drop accent piece. Short glitch pants are scalloped to blend with the edging on the prim skirt. (mod/copy/no transfer) permissions. A gift vendor is located with the dresses for easy gift giving and will be on Xstreet in the next day or so.

RH has created a beautiful drop pearl necklace and earring set. The pearls graduate down in size and chain is accented with smaller pearls. The set is available in both white and yellow gold. (no mod/no copy/transfer) permissions.

You can find both of these new creations at the entrance of the new store on Monarch Bay. There is a teleporter upon landing, click "New Items" or just walk through the front doors they are located there front and center.

Rebel Hope
Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.
Monarch Bay
<~~~Click here to teleport directly