Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two new versatile outfits from SF Design
SF Design Nautical Navy for the guys and SF Design Polka Dot playsuit for the ladies - loads of options loads of versatility.
Nautical Navy includes blazer with sculpted lapels, pants low rise and standard , shorts with prim legs - low rise and standard, long sleeved tee untucked and tucked options, socks and resizable deck shoes.
The long sleeved tee is also available as a 3 pack in red, grey and brown.

 Polka Dot playsuit includes swimsuit with mini skirt, shorts with prim legs, navy linen bolero jacket , bows for front of outfit and for hair, socks and resizable deck shoes.
The little sailor cap is now free at sf design Innisfree.

Jewelry (not included)  by Alyssa Bijoux