Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Sultry Dresses @ Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.

Sultry Dress Combo just released. Included with this duo are the bodice, glitch pants/underpants layers, glitch shorts/underpants layer, mini flex prim skirt, as well as the long flex prim skirt. A soft accent of black mesh has been included just under the mini skirt. The glitch shorts can be worn under the long skirt as well for an added touch of sexiness, or the long pants for a bit more of a modest look. Offered in seven colors of black, hot pink, teal, purple, green, red and blue. Permissions are mod/copy/no transfer, gift vendors are available at the store and it will also be offered on Xstreet in a day or so.

You will find the dress in the "New" section on Monarch Bay. Click on the TP at the landing point to "New Items".

Thank you Kimberly Mirabeau for doing the artwork for these ads. She is the face of RH Designs and an amazing artist as well. She's fabulous!

Rebel Hope
Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.
Monarch Bay
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