Monday, April 6, 2009

What's New At -InSync-

The -InSync- Steamplant Factory is our latest finished project. It is a grungy factory. Kids threw in all the windows. There are fires all over to keep the place a bit warmed. The animated textures with gears and clocks make it look even more real. There is plenty space to have your rawking party’s. The Loft can be your special place to be with your loved one. Windows can be closed or half-closed. Next to that the both big roofs can be multifunctional to. Make it your terras-garden, danceplace or your breakfast-outside spot. Doors are squeeking and for those who are bad with stairs there is an elevator with animations. The Steampunk Factory has been build with our own sculpties and textures. Except for the stairs everything is homemade and custombaked.

You can purchase The Steamplant Factory at XStreet here ...............................

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