Friday, July 10, 2009


"Sugar" is a little bit school girl'ish and a whole lot of sexy. It comes in four very fun plaid colors. The individual packs are in the center of the womens store. The 4 color pack is on Xstreet only.

Very hot "wet" tanks in 8 color choices (the 8 pack is on xstreet only).

Patriotic jean short shorts that I absolutely love. All layers & they come with a belt & without.

There are 3 different base colors (black, white, brown/wood) and the hibiscus flowers on them are all touch color changable.. to over 60 colors! Fits size 0 foot. Demos are available in the Stellar shoe store.

and last but certainly not least.. HAIR. 4 of them. 20 different colors. Here's a picture of just two of the styles. Come try the free demos in the back of the newly re-designed womens store.

More to come soon. Hope you like!