Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's New at Hair Styles by Tami McCoy

So, I'm totally behind on everything. I had a family emergency that prevented me from doing anything until this point. I barely got hair done for the fair! But it's there. I'll post pictures below for a peek at the designs in case you're wanting to go check out the hair fair and hadn't looked for my booth since I hadn't posted. Sorry for the delays. Things should be back on track now! Hope to see you either at the Hair Fair or in Dixie soon.
Diamond is a cute updo with a color change headband. The color change options are via the TamiHud.

Tasty is a short sassy do with all sculpted prims. It's high prim so once you've edited it to fit you be sure to click the hair then click all prims/delete to remove the resizing scripts so you won't lag :)

Pearl is a very stylish short do for the lady who likes to be sexy with her short style. This is a favorite of mine. Smexy!!

Come see what's new at !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy Hope to see you there :)