Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lots new this week @ Stellar

8 new HOT mini skirts. No shorts or panties are required (but I've included a black pair of panties for the modest). Some people like resize scripts, some don't.. so these skirts are scripted (which you can delete) AND they are copy/mod. Four plaids, 4 satins (black/red/pink/blue).

New Fishnet Tanks for the ladies in 4 colors. They match my new passion mini skirts perfectly. AND for the guys, realistic new T Shirts with optional sculpted cuffs in 10 colors.
All of the shirts come on all layers.

Swim Trunks for the guys.. I went a lil crazy and made 16 colors. They're in the center of the mens store. Here's pics of just a few

Vixen: A deliciously soft black leather dress with two different looks fitted skirt and one full skirt, plus a very sexy back tattoo. All clothing layers as usual, for your convenience.
It's in the center of the womens store.

"Alexis". Another cute new style is in the back of the womens store today..
20 colors, come try the demos :)