Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Matching releases for the girls and guys @ Barerose Tokyo

❤ Latex Police ❤
This sexy police uniform includes 5 different colors each with Shirt, Matching jacket W/sculpted parts +collar W/built in tie,
Skirt, Socks, Belt W/buckle and handcuffs, Hat, Gloves,Belted cuffs, And Upper chest belt (2 versions with or without gun)!

★Latex Police Boy★
This fun set includes 5 different colors!
Each features shirt, Jacket W/sculpted parts, Collar W/ built in tie, pants, Belt W/handcuffs, Upper chest belt (2 versions one with gun 1 without),gloves, and hat!

❤ Hoshi Hime❤ (Star Princess In Japanese)

This beautiful outfit features a colorful kimono look with flexy ribbons throughout.
Includes everything shown in the ad including cape, collar, shirt, skirt, legging and arm pieces and even the hair shown!

★☆Hoshi Ouji☆★ (Star Prince in Japanese)
This is the matching release for Hoshi Hime female version =)
It includes colorful robe with flexy prims and ribbons thoughout the outfit .
Includes free special hair and necklace!

★Mens Feti Catsuits★
This cyber outfit includes sleek black latex suit,gloves, prim accents including belt, wrist and ankle straps, and breathers.
Also includes human and furry mask/helmet with breathers.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo