Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's New @ The Deck - aDORKable, Dutch Touch and BOOM

Lots of fabulous NEW items at The Deck.

New Poses at aDORKable, fun and frivolous, these poses and all the aDORKable poses will add excitement to your photography.

aDORKable Poses_ MyOwnWorld

aDORKable Poses_ Kneelin

aDORKable Poses_ HandStand

aDORKable Poses_ WiggleWiggle

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Mouthwatering New skins called Dune, at Dutch Touch @ The Deck, make sure you try on the DEMOS and see what these skins have to offer, they are really beautiful.

DUNE Cocoa - Rust

DUNE Caramel - Azul

DUNE Caramel - CatsEyes

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Best Friends Forever, the partial theme of the NEW release from BOOM, these themed sets are delightful, and the Amped shirts are smokin hot.



_BOOM_ Amped Crop Vendor Ad

_BOOM_ Amped Crops and Good Girl_Bad Girl undies.  Pose by SMP

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