Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Infuse Furniture at PFE

Hello, my lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying this fine Tuesday morning. I've put out a new furniture set that I think you will enjoy. The series is called Infuse and includes a sofa, chair, table and ottoman. I've put 12 awesome and funky urban fabrics in them, as well as 6 wood textures designed specially to complement them. They're menu driven so you can easily get to your favorites, and you can change the pieces individually, for easy mixing and matching.
Here are a couple of images for you:

PFE Infuse Series

PFE Infuse Series

The lovely Sasy Scarborough did a nice review in her blog, too.

The set is L$500 in total, but comes in individual parts. My store is finally open, so come visit, put yourself on the subscribe-o-matic list, and stick around for 7seas fishing in the lagoon down the hill. Thanks! See you soon!

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