Friday, April 4, 2008

What's New? @ [LAP] - Male Poses!!

Long Awkward Pose

Helllooooo! Okay, gonna try to keep this as short and sweet as possible.

First up, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who purchased one of my new pose props and/or donated directly to Laynie's laptop fund. I really appreciate that and so does she. I wrapped up a two-week fundraiser for her just the other day and I'll just say we collected a nice sum for her - so bravo you guys. But then, I always knew I had the best customers ever! ;)

Now, the newness!!

I promised the men folk that I had lots of goodies in store for them, and I'm keeping my promise. I've got THREE whole sets ready and packaged to go today - but I DO have one more set that's just a little delayed - I should have it out this weekend, I'll update you guys again just to be annoying. ;)

Something to note: I've started adjusting my poses to be more AO-friendly so that when I transition to making full AO sets, the jump won't be quite so scary. I've lowered the priority on these new poses and slowed the transition. I've also left the heads loose on some of the poses to give you more 'realistic' freedom of movement. In the poses where I felt the pose would be lost with a loose head, I made it static but it still has the lower priority and slowed transition. (all of my new pose releases that will be AO-ready will state it on the vendor image as you can see)

These poses are mod/copy.

Dude V - A slightly male-emo set, since I've noticed that my female emo set is even popular among the guys, I thought I'd give you something of yer very own!

****SPECIAL NOTE! This set is going to be 50% off for today! 10 poses for 200L just for today! This is my way of saying "sorry" for forgetting the guys on Easter. It's ONLY the full set - the individual poses are not reduced price.****

Dude VI - Kinda casual, kinda dramatic, but all yummy! 10 poses 400L.

Dude VII - A little funky, a lot casual. 10 poses 400L.

Oh, and if you missed it during the easter hunt - I've FINALLY (because I'm a nerd and forgot) put the Sweetheart set up on the wall for sale. For the wimmins, cute and sweet! 11 Poses for 400L.

So yeah, that's all for today. Men, keep an eye out for that remaining set to be released this weekend! Ladies, don't fear, I have a huge pile of pose sets waiting to be boxed up for you all too! But if you can't wait - you should try out some of these new male poses, I did, some of them actually look kinda fierce on a chick. :D Oh and I'll be releasing some more couple's sets soon too!

<3 Dove
(just another poser)