Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What's New @ Little Boy Blue

First up, a new unisex ring~. This design is called 'Pleiades'. It features a circle of textured platinum accented with dark blue and star sapphires, and blue topaz, laid out in a shape inspired by the arrangement of stars in the Pleaides cluster, in the constellation of Taurus.
"The Pleiades, also known as M45, the Seven Sisters, SED, or Subaru (in Japan), is an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the nearest star clusters, and is probably the best known, and is certainly the most obvious to the naked eye. ...
The cluster is dominated by hot blue stars which have formed within the last 100 million years."
From Wikipedia

The next is a joint project with my love, Azriel of Falln. A gothic bellydance set inspired by Rachel Brice. My contribution to this set - Rachel. A tribal feeling choker with matching earrings, armbands and bracelets.
It's the perfect compliment for Azriel's New Najah set, which comes in 11 colours. Shown in black.falln-najah-dress-black.jpg
The jewelry is available at Little Boy Blue's jewelry area, here, and by the Najah dress in the Hindi area of FallnAngel Creations, here.